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Beauty Treatments at Queen B

We are delighted to finally share this update!

It’s been a very long time coming and to say that it has been an interesting 3 months would be a huge understatement.
The light is finally at the end of the tunnel and we now have the information that you have all been waiting for.

The date is confirmed.

1st March 2019 is when we launch our new beauty space with a very exclusive soft launch.

You may have noticed that your favourite nail salon has had a facelift and a rebrand.
You have seen a lot of changes already and we can now officially introduce you to Queen B Luxury Nail and Beauty Lounge.

A luxurious space that encompasses all things beauty.
On one side an elegant designed space where you can treat your hands and feet, on the other side, 3 beautifully designed private treatment rooms, where you will be pampered and rejuvenated.

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