Cancellations, rescheduling and no shows

Cancellations, rescheduling and no shows

The conversation we absolutely hate having is the one that makes us look like the most unfair salon in the universe.
That conversation is about cancellations, rescheduling and no shows.

As well as posting about it on our socials, linking to it in every email, explaining it when an appointment is booked over the phone and it being stating when appointments are booked online, we feel it is important to write a blog about it to explain our policy in more detail.

When we launched Queen B in 2016 we were one of the few salons in the UK to have a cancellation policy in place and it created a bit of a stir but then our guests  understood why we have it, it’s benefits and they respected it.

A visit to Queen B is very different to your normal salon visit; we are by appointment only which of course means the time you have booked is blocked out for the allocated time of your treatment.

We understand everyone leads very busy lives which is why we operate our business this way.
You have a 2 hour appointment booked for 1pm, you are seen on time and are ready to leave and get on with your day from 3pm.
No fuss, no stress, no being late for your next meeting or your dinner date, it works around your diary.

So what do cancellations, rescheduling and no shows actually mean?

When you cancel an appointment because you are sick, something came up, you forgot or whatever reason means you cannot make your appointment so you need to cancel but do not know when you can rebook for.

Pretty much the same as the above but you want to change the date or the service.

No shows
As it says on the tin, you just don’t show up for your appointment, no phone call, no email, not even a carrier pigeon.

Our policy

When you book an appointment at Queen B online, on the phone or in salon, we secure your appointment with your card details and take a deposit of 50% of the treatment booked.
We explain that you can cancel, reschedule or modify your appointment without charge anytime 48 hours before the start time of your appointment.
Less than 48 hours notice is considered a “Late Cancellation” and will result in a charge up to 100% of the scheduled treatment(s).
Appointments that are booked within the 48-hour period are still subject to the cancellation policy.

You receive a confirmation email and then 72 hours before your appointment you are sent a reminder text message and email.
It is your responsibility to read the emails and confirm your attendance using the link provided.
We may also call you if you have not confirmed your appointment.
This is the stage where you should let us know if you need to cancel or amend your appointment.

Now imagine this, you need an urgent appointment but we are fully booked and then low and behold someone decides not to show up for their appointment, how frustrated would you be to know you could have had that space!

Now we know and totally understand things can come up last minute, you get called in to work, you may be ill or your baby sitter might have let you down, so providing we have enough notice we will do our best to fill the space to avoid you being charged.

When a guest cancels last minute or decides not to show up, it becomes a challenge for us to remain sustainable, it’s actually quite a big financial loss.

Below explains the loss to a small independent business like Queen B of just 1 cancellation per day using a pedicure treatment as an example.

1 cancellation = £45
1 cancellation every day over a 6 day period (Week) = £270
1 cancellation every day over a 4 week period (Month) = £1080
1 cancellation every day over 52 weeks (Year) = £14,040

cancellations rescheduling and no shows face

But that’s only 1 cancellation per day – Imagine if we have 2 or 3 per day.
Hopefully that explains the effects of late cancellations, rescheduling and no shows and why we have to have a strict cancellation policy in place.

Amending your treatments and arriving late.

When you book an appointment at Queen B, you receive an email confirming the time and date and services booked so it is imperative you read these emails as amending  your treatments when you arrive are not always possible.
Should you wish to cancel or reduce the services booked on the day they are regarded as a cancellation as we would have blocked out the required time slots.

Arriving late for your appointments may also mean we will not be able to complete all of the services booked and this will mean every guest after you will also begin their treatments late resulting in them having to wait for their appointment to begin.

Worse still, imagine arriving 10 minutes late on a day that is fully booked (which is most days) and straight after your visit your therapist will be going on their lunch break. That means in order to complete the whole service they would lose 10 minutes off their lunch break.

Sometimes being late cannot be helped but the sooner you let us know you are going to be late, we can do our best to inform the next guests to avoid disrupting their day and hopefully still be able to complete the full service or offer a shorter service however you will still be charged for the original service(s) booked.

Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment (5 minutes earlier would be amazing so you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience).

We are not the only ones who have a cancellation policy in place. It has become essential for many salons as well as dentists, doctors, personal trainers and tradesmen.
Of course there are salons that do not have a cancellation policy, those salons are not by appointment only so you can just walk in and wait your turn.

Please appreciate, we really hate having these uncomfortable conversations, we really do, but we have to have this policy in place or we will be become another high street statistic which we know none of us want! Just like the other +4500 salons that have closed their doors since the pandemic.

Thank you for your understanding – As ever any feedback, comments or questions, please get in touch using our usual channels.

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