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Hard Skin Removal, The Right Way

As a natural nail care salon, we look after your hands and feet the right way. Our pedicures are famous due to how luxurious and extensive they are.

This blog explains how we remove callus from your feet the correct way, without causing long-lasting damage and ensuring softer feet.

As part of our Spa and Signature pedicures, we apply a fruit enzyme callus treatment and then leave your feet to soak while the treatment breaks down the callus.

We then use a stainless steel foot rasp with 2 disposable files with 80 and 180 grits. We gently remove the callus from your feet and then continue your pedicure.

We do not use a blade to remove hard skin because the callus is our skin’s protective mechanism, once the callus is removed skin will go into “shock” and build that callus back up as fast as it can on the pressure points.

If you suffer from hard skin and cracked heels, we recommend a series of pedicures as we will not be able to remove all of the hard skin in one sitting.
For more of an in-depth treatment, we recommend a visit to the podiatrist who will tackle the root cause of calluses through orthotic care.

If you are used to pedicures using blades, please be aware, we will not be able to achieve the same result in one sitting but over 2 or 3 pedicures, you will notice your feet will remain softer for longer without the increased build-up and discomfort not to mention the worry of infections from used blades.

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Feet Tip

After showering or bathing, ensure your feet are properly dried and do not forget to dry in between your toes too. Bacteria grows on wet feet so it is imperative they are dried properly.

Moisturise your feet and add some heel cream too and then slip on a pair of Pedi-Sox to soak keep those feet super hydrated!

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