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IBX Nail Strengthening Blog

As a salon that focuses solely on natural nail care, we receive numerous enquiries requesting information on nail care and this is the reason for this month’s blog.
The IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment is an innovative solution to repair weak or damaged nails.

The nail salon industry has evolved quite a bit over recent years with more and more guests wanting to grow and maintain their natural nails.

We have worked closely with many of our guests to give advice and guidance to grow their own natural nails.

Some have been serial nail biters, some have had substandard acrylic enhancements with harsh inexperienced removal and some just can’t grow their nails without them splitting.

IBX Nail Strengthening System

Created by Famous Names Products, the same guys who brought you the award winning cuticle oil, Dadi’Oil and the amazing Dadi’Lotion.

IBX is very different from your average strengthening system as it penetrates from within.

Do your nails split? Are they weak or brittle?

IBX will work wonders for you.
It is amazing underneath gel polish to give your gels a protective shield and give you more wear too.

How can I make my nails stronger?

We use a heat source that penetrates into the upper third portion of the nail.
The nail is then cured using LED light to lock the IBX formula in.

Moisture is locked in, nails are strengthened, peeling stops and your nails look and feel better.

IBX Nail Treatments Queen B London

We recommend a course of 4-6 treatments depending on the damage and, of course, daily use of Dadi’Oil too.

Read our blog all about gel polish aftercare and the benefits of regular maintenance.

As a natural nail salon, we only work on natural nails, we do not apply or remove acrylic enhancements, dipping powders or SNS and we do not use electric files.

Please read our frequently asked questions section before your visit to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

We look forward to treating you.

Stronger, tougher, healthier-looking nails: Check out IBX

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