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Loyalty, Treats and Rewards

As one of the few appointment only salons in London, we have always focused on delivering excellence in both treatment and services.
With this in mind, we show our gratitude to you with our amazing loyalty, treats and rewards scheme.
It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Queen B.

So How Do You Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty?

It all starts when you visit Queen B, whether its your first visit or you have been a regular from the day we launched back in 2016.

For every pound spent you receive a point, those points get added up and then exchanged for free treatments.

Since we launched our new beauty space and have now extended our services,
these points can now be used across the whole treatment menu, including Murad facials, indulgent body treatments, waxing, lash lift’s and of course natural nail care.

After your third visit you will receive one of our gorgeous key tags.
This barcoded loyalty tag is called a Treat Card and holds all of your information and talks to our software in the salon once you have visited Queen B.

It is important that you bring your Treat Card with you to every visit so we can scan it and add the points to your account.

Treatpoints Queen B London

How Do You Collect Treat Card Points?

Collecting Treat Points is really easy.

Picture the scene, you visited Queen B and when paying for your appointment, your Treat Card gets scanned, you receive 1 point for every pound spent so say your visit was £35, you receive 35 points.

But wait, you have just rebooked to return in 2 weeks time and want to redo your gel manicure. As a thank you for rebooking you receive double points so those 35 points are now 70 points and of course, as you are returning to redo your gel manicure,
we also reward you with a complimentary soak off too!

You then realise you have run out of Cuticle Oil so you purchase some to nourish your nails. It’s a product and with products you receive double points, so that’s another 28 points added to your account.

Before you leave you check in on Facebook to tell the world where you are and share a photo. The system is connected to Facebook and as you have tagged Queen B in your post, rewards you with 50 points for checking in and 50 points for the photo!

See how quickly the Treat Points begin to accumulate? That’s 198 points for practically a few clicks on your phone. But it does not stop there.

Get Rewarded For Talking About Us

You loved your visit to Queen B and decide to write a review all about your experience and share it on social media
(Yes, we do love it when you do this)

For taking the time to write a review and sharing it, you receive a massive 100 Treat Points!
Now here is the greatest bit of all, as you shared the review on your Facebook page,
your best friends have read it and they want to see why we were been voted Best Nail Salon in London for the past 3 years.

Your friend, let’s call her Doris, books an appointment and visits.
During their visit, Doris is are asked how they heard about us, they mention you and your amazing review.
As soon as we let the system know that Doris was referred by you, your phone will flash and a text message will read that you have just been rewarded another 100 points as a thank you.

But Matilda and Mildred also read the review and also mentioned it when they visited too, guess whose phone just flashed with 2 more text messages!
That’s 200 more points added to your account.

Now imagine every 2 weeks you repeat the same process and every visit you are rewarded more points,
in no time that will amount to a complimentary full body massage or whatever you fancy.

So lets have a quick recap,

You visited and paid for your gel manicure (35 points)
You rebooked for your next visit so received double points (70 points)
Cuticle Oil purchase (28 points)
Before you left, you checked in and shared a photo (100 points)
As you wrote a review and shared it, that gave you more points (100 points)
Doris, Mildred and Matilda read the review and told us about it on their visit (300 points)

So in the space of 1 visit you earned a whopping 598 points!
Now as you get 1 point for every pound spent, you would have had to spent £598 to get that many points!

You also get points when you share pics of our work when you are on holiday too!
All you need to do is simply tag @queenbinlondon on Instagram or Facebook
Don’t forget to follow us too!

Queen B Loyalty Treats Rewards London

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Redeeming your points is really easy, download The Queen B app, not only will you be able to book your appointments on the move,
you can see how many points you have accumulated too.

Let one of our team know that you would like to redeem points and they will see what treats are available for the amount of points you have.

It works on an automatic selection so the system will give you a number of options for you to select.
Try something you have never had before or treat yourself to some waxing.
Waxing treatments are really easy to redeem too as there as so many different waxing options.

All we ask is that you have a paying treatment booked in when you are enjoying your reward. Rewards can be used any day, even on Sundays but they must be booked in advance.

Treats can only be redeemed by the Treatcard holder and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.

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