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Waxing at Queen B

When we launched our new beauty space next to our nail space in 2019, we knew we were going to offer waxing treatments and of course as we are known for the client experience, we had to find a brand that matched our values.

We spent a lot of time searching, researching and testing various brands.
Some were amazing but they fell short in other areas and then someone recommended we speak to the guys at Wax Logic.

Created by one of the worlds master wax technicians, Noiren Carrigg. She has been pushing the boundaries of how we wax and what we wax with for over 30 years!

Well recognised in Ireland, they had just launched in the UK and were making a lot of noise.
A meeting was arranged and products were demonstrated. We fell in love immediately and not just with the products either.
The team behind the brand were and still are amazing too.


So why did we choose Wax Logic?

Wax Logic is very different to your normal wax as it combines science and logic to change the way we wax.
They have been scientifically created to be kinder to your skin.

Formulated with 2 core ingredients in each wax, your skin is protected from the waxing treatment and then treated for up to 24 hours after.
Unlike other brands, with Wax Logic your skin will not become dry and irritated.

In fact, you will immediately notice your skin will look and feel more nourished and hydrated even before an after care oil/lotion is applied.

Sadly a visit to get waxed is often regarded as a painful chore, something that should be dreaded?

As our focus has always been on delivering the best client experience,
one of the major factors in us partnering with Wax Logic was because their wax is practically pain free.
Of course, this does depend on your pain threshold or if you have not been waxed before, but our experienced team are on hand to help.
(And our rooms are sound proofed too)! 🙂

This meant our guests did not feel fear as they stepped into their treatments and has also converted hundreds of shavers into dedicated waxers too.

With it’s ‘Safe Heat Technology” (SHT) the warm waxes are used at a safe hot wax temperature of around 60 degrees unlike traditional warm waxes that are heated to around 40 to 45 degrees.

If you heated a traditional wax to 60 degrees, the skin would burn.
With SHT and the higher temperature, your pores open up and the hairs are removed with no friction or breakages, leaving no redness on the skin.

Once all of it is removed, together with your unwanted hair, there will be no stickiness left on the skin, just soft, smoother skin.

Imagine only having to wax your legs once every month, instead of shaving every other day!

Read our blog all about the difference between shaving and waxing

We are humbled by the love from both men and women who choose Queen B as their salon of choice and put their trust in us for their regular waxing treatments.

Our most popular treatments are intimate waxing and pre-birth waxing so if you are yet to start your wax journey, please feel free to contact us with any questions so we can be of assistance.

The BEST nail and beauty lounge

Couldn’t recommend Queen B enough!!
I’ve been going to Queen B for nearly 2 years, I book in every two weeks for my gel hands religiously. The level of treatment and care is always amazing, it’s never short of perfect in my whole experience.
All the staff are so friendly, they’re great at giving you perfect gels and all the products they use are premium quality.
I’ve also had a lash lift and tint, waxing, Murad facials and pedicures. Again, all services have been amazing!
5* beauty and nail salon!

Chloe Lister
April 20, 2020

Hollywood Wax

I had a Hollywood wax with Louise and I’m very happy with the result.

She was friendly, professional and thorough and put me at ease.

I’ll definitely see Louise for my next wax!

Mandy Bailey
March 9, 2020

The best wax I have had

Really lovely place, and honestly the best wax I think I have had!

Would definitely recommend Queen B

Jenna Vicente
February 10, 2020

Queen B’s wax is the best!

This was my third full body wax session with Tina and, like the previous two, I can’t praise her highly enough.

Tina makes you feel relaxed and welcome and she carries out the waxing quickly, efficiently and with great skill.

She is also very friendly and a delight to talk to. It is such a positive, enjoyable experience and I love the smooth skin that I have afterwards. Thank you Tina!



Chris Allen
January 17, 2020

My best wax yet

Probably my best wax yet. Amy did an amazing and thorough job.
She made sure I was happy and satisfied throughout and I’m very very pleased with the result.
Thank you so much! 🙂


Bola Owolabi
January 3, 2020