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Matis Premium Skincare

Matis, with its long experience in the world of beauty, is a brand that has lead the way for many decades and throughout many different fashion styles while always remaining close to women and their needs.

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A combination of skin replenishment and effectiveness with a long-proven philosophy – Skin – Science – Senses

Skin – The language of the skin

Biomimicry: products melt into skin, responding to its need to refine the radiance of your complexion and beautify your skin as gently as you need. Matis stimulates the skin’s functions while you sleep.

Respect for skin ecology: Matis products are perfectly tolerated by the skin, respecting the epidermis balance, and optimizing its receptive capacity.

Science – The art of formulation

Multi-performance: By bringing together multiple active ingredients and exclusive complexes, Matis products are results driven.

Skin evolves and changes. Matis’ multi-performance approach allows it, to adapt to a variety of needs.
Your skin does not become saturated because it draws in what it needs.

Senses – The mirror of emotions

A sensory experience: The experience of Matis means feeling beautiful, confident, and good about yourself.
Matis components, fragrances and techniques are an integral part of the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

That’s how Matis puts your skin in a feel good mood.
Matis is a sensual experience that touches the body and soul.

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Matis Facials

Fresh Look Treatment £30 | 30 minutes

Dedicated to the eye contours to preserve youthfulness and freshen the face.
The Fresh Look Treatment is a real tension buster that treats wrinkles, sagging skin, puffiness and dark circles.
This treatment leaves your eye area looking more radiant and revitalized.
In short, a simple yet effective facial cleanse, perfect for when you need a boost and a perfect introduction to the Matis brand.

Hydration Source Treatment £55 | 50 minutes

Effectively replenishes the skin with the water it requires, regaining optimal hydration levels.
Moisture and suppleness is restored using a blend of shea, mango and illipe butters which repair damaged skin.
Hyaluronic acid instantly plumps the skin while the Cassia Angustifolia plant creates a film to lock in moisture.

Intense Purity £65 | 60 minutes

A powerful treatment for mattifying, regulating and refining the skins texture, intended for oily skins to restore radiance and freshness.
Grapefruit is an antiseptic and astringent which regenerates the epidermis and deep cleanses oily skins. The addition of basil is used to heal the skin with its anti-oxidant properties being very effective against the bacteria responsible for acne.

Premium Activ’Kaviar £120 | 80 minutes

Our Signature facial for devitalised skins which energises and re-mineralises your skin.
The pure caviar extracts are rich in protein which are essential in boosting your cellular metabolism and it’s mineral content provides a restorative action.
The luxurious Agar Agar is derived from red seaweed and allows caviar encapsulation to form into beads for a progressive infusion to the skin resulting in recharged and hydrated skin.
Think glamour, think luxury, you deserve this.

The SkinAnalyzer by Matis

Matis SkinAnalyzer London

Matis Body Treatments

Total Body Exfoliation £45 | 30 minutes

A luxurious body exfoliation that eliminates dead surface skin cells to reveal a revitalised skin texture that is intensely nourised, smoother, softer and more even. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and conditions as you are able to select from a choice of three luxury exfoliators, each providing different degrees of intensity.

Age Defying Body Massage £75 | 60 minutes | 6 week course £375

A stimulating, invigorating and toning massage that boosts the metabolism and rejuvenates the body to lift, firm and tone the skin to provide a real shot of youth.

Slimming Body Massage £75 | 60 minutes | 6 week course £375

The perfect pre-party treatment that enables you to fit into that ‘little black dress’ and get bikini body ready.
This body massage focuses on reshaping, sculpting and slimming the silhouette, with the appearance of cellulite being noticeably reduced.

Detoxifying Body Massage £75 | 60 minutes | 6 week course £375

Expel unwanted toxins and reduce that bloated feeling with this detoxifying massage.
A quick fix to reduce stress, reboost the circulation and relieve fluid retention to recover a feeling of lightness.
This treatment is fantastic prior to any special occasion to enable you to refine the silhouette.

Total Body Experience £175 | 90 minutes

Envelop the senses with the ultimate, tailor-made pampering experience as stresses and tensions melt away in a cocoon of luxurious indulgence.
The skin is cleansed and smoothed with the variable intensity exfoliator, tranquil massage and sumptuous body wrap that will perfectly complete the required results. All you need to do is select the treatment objects from a choice of relaxation, anti-aging, slimming or detoxification massages and drift away.

Total Face + Body Experience £200 | 120 minutes

Upgrade your Total Body Experience to include a Matis Fresh Look treatment to experience ultimate relaxation and decadent pampering.

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