Guam Far InfraRed Lipo-Reducing Cream


An instant cellulite and fat burner that contains black tourmaline, significantly enhances the lipolytic and anticellulite effects.
Re-shape your silhouette while providing skin firming benefits.

Multiple clinical studies show Guam seaweed cellulite cream restores microcirculation, detoxifies your body, removes toxins and restores skin elasticity with cellulite reduction.

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Guam Far InfraRed Lipo-Reducing Cream

Ideal for reducing the appearance of cellulite, this slimming and re-shaping treatment can help you see results in just 30 days.

Using lipolysis treatment that reduces cellulite and fat deposits under the skin, combined with far infrared rays via tourmaline minerals, it promotes microcirculation which absorbs body heat and then re-emits it penetrating deep into the skin cells and tissue, smoothing and tightening the skin.

Ideal for use on areas where cellulite is visible (thighs and buttocks). Suitable for use twice daily

The effectiveness of Guam Far InfraRed Lipo-Reducing Cream has been demonstrated by university clinical studies.
The double-blind test (product against placebo) was carried out by a major Italian university using skinfold calliper, a special instrument that measures the skinfold thickness.
The result shows that after 30days, cellulite and fat deposits under the skin are significantly reduced. The visible effects measure at an average of 2.5 cm reduction in thigh circumference.

Key benefits

Reduces cellulite
Slims and contours the body
Ideal for use on thighs and buttocks
Results can be seen in just 30 days

How to use Guam Far InfraRed Lipo-Reducing Cream

Apply liberally to affected area
Massage until fully absorbed
For best results, use twice daily
Note – some light heat and tingling sensations are expected, as is redness
Use for 30 days for optimum results
Works even better when combined with Guam Anti-Cellulite Leggings


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