Guam Le Corail Shower Gel


Guam Le Corail shower Gel is formulated with 2 types of natural and organic seaweed extracts of Guam Algae and red algae Corallina officinalis.

Algae Corallina is rich in calcium and magnesium.

Re-balances the skin’s hydration to optimum levels!

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Guam Le Corail Shower Gel 200ML

The ultimate of natural and organic seaweed products to for pure skin protection.

Guam Le Corail has been created with extracts of algae and red algae Corallina Officinalis.
Red algae Corallina officinalis has a great external resemblance to the precious sea coral.
This external similarity was an inspiring impetus for the creation and name of the shower gel.
Algae Corallina can be called a “marine biotechnology laboratory” as it contains a concentration of trace elements 200,000 times more than that of seawater.
It also contains a huge amount of microelements and has moisturising, remineralising and antioxidant properties too!



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