Men’s Luxury Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge is owned and set up by a man who was bored of getting his hands and feet done in salons where the service was below par, the hygiene standards practically non existent and the treatments slap's luxury manicure pedicure treatments
The salon is designed with neutral colours so as to be non gender specific, complimentary refreshments are served and we have a choice of magazines to keep you entertained as well as free Wi-Fi.

Our men’s treatments are very popular and we are proud to see so many men overcoming their fears of people touching their feet. Be careful though, once you experience a Queen B pedicure, they can become quite addictive.
Please book in advance to secure your appointments.


Express Manicure
£17 : 20 minutes
Hands soaked, nails tidied, cuticle tidy and skin hydration. Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil

Spa Manicure
£23 : 30 minutes
Hands soaked, nails shaped, cuticles treated.
Hands exfoliated and massaged using Cuccio scrubs and body butters. Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil.

Signature Manicure
£33 : 45 minutes
Nails are shaped, hands soaked and cuticles treated.
Hands and arms exfoliated, anti-ageing Grapeseed Oil application, paraffin wax, extended hand and lower arm massage using our hydrating body butters. Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil.

Getting Married?

Your hands need to look amazing for the wedding photographs, if you are a nail biter or in need of some advice on how to care for your nails, we would be delighted to help you to get your nails looking amazing.
Bring your groomsmen and lets make it a day to remember.

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Express Pedicure
£20 : 20 minutes
Feet are soaked, cuticles tidied, nails shaped and skin hydrated. Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil.

Spa Pedicure
£28 : 45 minutes
Nails are shaped, cuticles treated, feet soaked. Hard skin removal, exfoliation, foot butter massage, heel treatment.
Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil.

Signature Pedicure
£39 : 60 minutes
Nails are shaped, cuticles treated, feet soaked. Hard skin removal. exfoliation, Grapeseed oil application, paraffin wax, lower leg and foot butter massage, heel treatment. Nails buffed and treated with Dadi’Oil.

Callus Treatment
£28 : 25 minutes

Immerse your feet in a warm salt soak, your feet will be treated to a powerful combination of alpha hydroxy acids and fruit enzymes before we remove your dry skin using our hygienic stainless steel foot file. Paraffin wax and an application of heel treatment then follows and you are good to return back to conquering your world, this time with softer feet.
Please note, this does not include nail work. If this is required, please select our Signature pedicure.

Please note, in severe cases of hard skin, it is not advisable to removal all of it in one sitting as this may cause discomfort and you may be required to return for another treatment. We do not use blades at Queen B for any of our treatments.

Pure Luxury Relaxation

Detox Soak
£60 : 30 minutes
Pure indulgence at it’s best, perfect for tired feet, this is one of our most popular treatments.
Soak your feet in a warm bath of a blend of herbal extracts & purifying magnesium sulfate crystals, as toxins from the 500,000 sweat glands in your feet are flushed away. This is then followed by a 15 minute somatology massage.

We advise you to book this treatment during our morning or early afternoon appointments and ask that you turn off any distractions. While the treatment lasts 30 minutes, please allow at least an additional 15 minutes to bring you back to reality and if possible spend the rest of the day relaxing.

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