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Pedicures are not the same without Pedi-Sox ™

An additional step in the pedicure process that provide solutions to every day pedicure dilemmas such as dry skin, cold feet, polish perfection and happy healthy feet.

They are great for keeping freshly pedicured feet comfy, cosy & clean.
After your pedicure, your skin will keep moist for softer smoother skin, wearing the sock will even work better to heal calluses and cracked heels.

If you suffer from hard skin on your feet and cracked heels, we find the best way to soften your feet is to soak them in hot water, massage in some of our amazing heel cream slip on a pair of Pedi-Sox™ and relax, keeping them on over night allows the process to work deeper and to soften your feet.

After a pedicure

Your feet will stay comfy, cosy and warm, perfect for winter.
The best way to absorb the creams and butters used in your pedicure, making your feet soft and smooth.
Your toe-nails will dry flawlessly without having to smudge.
Your skin will look and feel healthier.

Just slip on Pedi-Sox™ at the end of the pedicure process, right before toenails are painted and keep those feet warm and comfy.

As the official UK distributor we have a wide range of colours and materials in stock both online and in store, one size fits all and they are machine washable too.
They make the perfect gift and can also be used for yoga and pilates.

Book in for a pedicure at Queen B and see for yourself just how amazing they are.

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