Best Gel Nails In Croydon

Gelish is the number one soak off gel polish in the world. Gel nails by Gelish are not only gorgeous, they also stay on your nails for up to 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak off in only 15 minutes.
We do not use electric files to remove your application and use soak off foils to ensure your nails are looked after.

Gel nails are applied waterless to ensure longevity and include file, cuticle tidy, Gelish colour application of your choice and an application of Dadi’Oil.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment as we have a very large selection of colours to suit every taste, event and choice.

We also offer numerous chrome pigments as well as many glitter and holographic pigments and now have real 24 carat gold pigments and Swarovski crystals.

If we applied them, we will soak them off for free when you reapply them 

*We only use original Gelish LED lamps for our gel applications.
*Gel feet do not include hard skin removal, if this is required, please select one of our pedicure treatments and add gel to the treatment for longer lasting toes.

Please visit our Instagram page for lots of photos of our colour applications and the latest collections.

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Gelish is the best gel nail polish

Gel hands £28 Gel feet £33 Gel hands & feet £55

Chrome hands £38 Chrome feet £43 Chrome hands and feet  £77
Chrome (per nail) £1 Must be over a Gelish application

Soak-off your gels £10
(Free if we applied the gels and you re-apply)
Soak off shape and polish hands £21
Soak off shape and polish feet £21

Spa manicure + Gelish £42
Spa pedicure + Gelish £47

Signature manicure + Gelish £52
Signature pedicure + Gelish +£58

French polish £5 | Reverse French £5 | Half moon £5
Nail art stamp £3 per nail
Nail art free-hand £5 per nail
Swarovski Crystals £3 per nail (Multiples of 3 crystals)

IBX Nail Treatments

Soft, weak or brittle nails? You need IBX

IBX is a 2 part system that acts as a shield for the natural nail.

This is how it works

Feet Treatments

Queen B Pedicures

Hand Treatments

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