Body Treatments

Body Treatments at Queen B

Leave the chaos of the outside world behind as you step into a realm of serenity tailored just for you. Embrace the opportunity to revel in our thoughtfully curated body treatments, each designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Our treatment rooms have been meticulously crafted to offer a fusion of privacy, opulence, and understated elegance. Allow yourself to be enveloped in your own personal haven, where tranquillity reigns supreme.

Sink into warmed beds, complete with luxury linen, enjoy the gentle glow of soft lighting that creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation. The soothing melodies playing in the background enhance the ambiance, immersing you further into a state of bliss.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll drift into slumber, we can assure you that you’ll effortlessly disconnect from the world’s demands, embracing a space where every care melts away. Your journey into pure relaxation begins here.

Are you looking for luxury massage treatments?

Revitalising Total Body Polish
50 min £95

Immerse yourself in the ultimate indulgence with our Revitalising Total Body Polish, a luxurious experience that unveils your skin’s natural radiance.

This transformative treatment marries the therapeutic benefits of sea salts and essential oils, creating an exquisite exfoliation that gently removes dead skin cells, refines skin tone, and promotes heightened blood circulation.

Following this invigorating exfoliation, delight in a soothing soak under our warm rain shower, where the scrubs are gently washed away, leaving you with a revitalising burst of freshness.

Warm nourishing oils are then massaged into your skin revealing a brighter, hydrated and smoother silhouette.

Back Detoxifying Cleanse by Murad Skincare
45 min £85 | Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy 75 min £120

Embark on a journey of transformation with our Back Detoxifying Cleanse, a haven of rejuvenation tailored to your back’s renewal.

Immerse yourself in the exceptional advantages of exfoliation and extraction, meticulously interwoven to liberate your skin from impurities. Through the harmonious fusion of papaya and pineapple enzymes, we tenderly exfoliate, unveiling a revitalized canvas as we whisk away lackluster surface cells. Simultaneously, the infusion of glycolic acid orchestrates a symphony of natural cell turnover, revealing your skin’s inherent luminosity.

This all-encompassing treatment bestows upon your back a profound sense of purity and newfound vitality. As the cares of everyday life dissolve, you’ll emerge from this experience not just physically cleansed, but also embraced by a serene cocoon of stress-free tranquility.

To elevate your journey further, consider adding Dermalux LED Photo Light Therapy—a powerful enhancement that synergises seamlessly with Murad Skincare, infusing your experience with an extra layer of rejuvenating energy.

Very popular with both men and women

The Queen B Signature Pamper Experience
2 hours £265 | Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy 2.5 hours £300

The Queen B Signature Pamper Experience Duration: 2 hours Price: £265 | Add Dermalux LED Light Therapy for 2.5 hours at £300

It’s time to indulge in a moment of self-appreciation and bid adieu to the weight of daily life with our exclusive head-to-toe indulgence.

Our illustrious signature body treatment commences with a thorough body polish, a rejuvenating ritual that bids farewell to lifeless skin cells, promotes enhanced blood circulation, and liberates accumulated toxins.

Following this invigorating start, your body will be cocooned in the lap of luxury with a re-mineralizing algae mud wrap, meticulously designed to elevate skin texture and imbue it with newfound vibrancy. Concurrently, as your body revels in this lavish treatment, your face receives its own moment of care, with a meticulous cleansing process that banishes impurities and congestion, revealing a luminous complexion.

The journey continues with the embrace of warm oil, expertly applied to encourage blood flow and soften your skin from your crown to your toes.

For an even deeper dimension of rejuvenation, consider extending your experience with the addition of Dermalux LED Light Therapy. Elevating the experience to 2.5 hours, this enhancement infuses your journey with a potent burst of revitalizing energy that aligns perfectly with the Queen B ethos of holistic care.

Rediscover the art of pampering with the Queen B Signature Pamper Experience, where every facet of your being is cocooned in opulent care and where the pressures of the world are left behind.

Intimate Refresh (Vajacial)
50 min £75 | Add Dermalux £110

Elevate your intimate skincare routine with our exclusive Intimate Refresh – often referred to as the Vajacial.
Specifically for women, this highly sought-after treatment is meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and refresh the intimate area, offering a boost of confidence and comfort.

Your pampering experience begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a meticulous exfoliation using glycolic acids that delicately remove dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, more radiant appearance.
Your expert therapist then skilfully performs extractions to address any congestion or ingrown hairs, promoting a clearer and healthier complexion.
A soothing mask infused with nourishing ingredients is expertly applied, providing deep hydration and promoting skin’s natural balance.
As the final touch, a calming moisturiser is applied to leave your intimate area feeling refreshed, velvety-smooth, and beautifully pampered.

This treatment is exclusively for external intimate areas and does not involve any internal procedures.
For your comfort and safety, a thorough consultation will be conducted before the treatment to address any concerns or sensitivities.

For optimal results, kindly refrain from waxing or shaving at least 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Booty Glow Renewal (Bum Facial)
60 min £75 | Add Dermalux £110

A luxurious treatment meticulously designed to enhance the beauty and radiance of your derrière.

The treatment commences with a thorough cleanse of your buttocks. Expert exfoliation techniques are used to buff away dead skin cells and revitalise.

Your skilled therapist then performs extractions to address specific concerns including blackheads, acne, ingrown hairs and congestion to promote a clearer, healthier appearance.

The treatment also includes a soothing and hydrating mask infusing your skin with essential nutrients and hydration and a moisturising massage completes the treatment to increase blood circulation and give your booty a glow!

Highly recommended every 4-6 weeks for maximum results

Armpit Cleanse
50 min £60

Reignite your armpit’s vitality with our Armpit Cleanse, a dedicated treatment tailored to revitalising this often overlooked area.

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, pimples, and dull skin as we meticulously cleanse and rejuvenate your armpits. Our expert approach incorporates a powerful trio of exfoliation, steam, and extraction, ensuring that every concern is comprehensively addressed.

Experience the transformative effects of glycolic acid, which works diligently to exfoliate and enhance natural cell turnover, leaving your skin visibly smoother and refreshed.

Highly recommended every 4-6 weeks for maximum results

Guam Seaweed Scrubs and Body Wrap Treatments


Guam’s laboratories have redefined anti-cellulite treatments to naturally boost the lymph system with their Certified Organic and Vegan Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed.
Ethically harvested from non-contaminated waters controlled by the NFSA to meet the highest standards of purity, assuring complete freedom from contamination.
The purity of the seaweed increases effectiveness to detox, target cellulite, reduce swelling and diminish fat cells, promoting a firmer, more toned and slimmer silhouette.

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Guam Super Detox Mud Wrap
90 min £175

This amazing Detox Seaweed Mud Wrap uses the Guam patented detoxifying cellulite formula.
The treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation to stimulate microcirculation eliminating water retention and waste via osmosis through the pores unlocking fat cells and flushing out toxins. Algae mud is used to target cellulite and improving skin firmness, elasticity and tone.

While the mud is working you are treated to a relaxing facial cleanse to reduce congestion and improve brightness and clarity.

Rinse off in our rain shower and then be treated to an all-over effleurage massage using Guam Mud-Based Creams.
After such an intense hormone recalibration, you will experience a better sleep pattern as well as a feeling of being recharged. Please ensure you remain hydrated throughout the day with water or herbal infusions.

Guam Signature Attack Seaweed Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Mud Wrap
50 min £130

Guam’s thermal seaweed mud wrap treatment is penetratingly hot.
The combined effects of Guam seaweed infused with pure micronized Tourmaline minerals absorbs the body’s heat and then uses it to penetrate the cells and tissues to attack cellulite while draining, disintegrating and reducing fat cells.

Your body will feel amazing and results will be instant!

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