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How to look after your gel nails

We often get asked the best way to keep your gel nails in tip top condition so this blog is all about that.

The Gel system has only been around in the UK for a little under 10 years and in that time it’s become super popular because of their quick drying time and chip free shine.
The number of shades increases all the time which means there is always a colour to match your mood.


So what exactly is gel polish?

Gel polish is a thin brush on formula, it literally goes on your nails just like ordinary nail polish but without the chipping and dulling you see with regular polish.

We use Gelish for our gel polish treatments, not only because it is the number 1 brand of gel polish in the world but because it can stay on your nails chip free for up to two weeks.
(Providing you look after your nails).
They are formlated to harden (cure) under light and each coat of gel polish needs to be cured under an LED lamp.
The top coat gives your nails the amazing shine.

Gelish use LED lamps for the simple reason they cure a lot quicker than UV lights.
Both are totally safe and we only use official Gelish lamps that have been created specifically for Gelish treatments.

gel nail after care

Now we have got that out the way, how do you look after your nails?

At Queen B we love to see your nails in the best condition possible and looking after your nails starts from the moment you leave the salon.

Daily use of the award winning Dadi’Oil cuticle oil.
We use it in all of our nail treatments and it is perfect for gel aftercare.
Dadi’Oil is 95% Certified Organic and is made up of more than 20 naturally derived ingredients and essential oils.
They are blended with lavender, bergamont and vanilla to deliver flexibility and toughness to the nail.

Why does it need to make your nails flexible?

If you imagine the amount of stress you put your nails through, they need to move with your hands so if your nails are not flexible, they split and break.
The formula in Gelish allows for the gel polish to be flexible, add to your daily dose of Dadi’Oil and your nails are able to withstand pretty much everything you do to them.
This means your gels last longer and continue to look amazing.

If your nails are weak and brittle read our blog about IBX Nail Strengthening

Looking after your gel nails queen b london

Gel nail aftercare

Gelish is a porous product so if you have a really light shade, please be careful when cooking (especially when using spices), applying make up, tanning lotion and anything else that can colour run.
If in doubt use gloves and always wear gloves when washing up or cleaning.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will do our best to help.

We only focus on natural nails so you are in good hands (Pardon the pun) and stock a huge range of products of ensure your hands and feet are in the best possible condition.

Queen B is the best salon in Croydon. Recently renovated for their beautiful new beauty rooms. I have to say this wax is the best wax I've ever come across, quick, completely pain free. I was so shocked at how much it didn't hurt! I was so scared to get waxed due to previous experiences. Ive gone from shaving to waxing but I am never shaving again, thank you queen B for the ultimate relaxation and I always come out feeling great Very relaxing. Very professional Nails: always top standard! Their Pedicures are the ultimate relax too.. 100% always given, thank you for your service and excellent staff! I love QUEEN B


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