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Luxury Manicures At Queen B

Completing your look, making you smile, manicures are the way to stand out in the world.
Beautifully groomed hands and nails express individuality.
Express yourself and show off your hands, after all, you were born to stand out and not fit in.

We use Morgan Taylor for all of our nail polish shades and Gelish for our gel polish.

We carry an abundance of different shades to suit every mood.
Bold shades accentuate your power and independence while nude shades embrace your beauty.
We can always work with you to find the perfect shade to match your mood, feeling or event.

Queen B manicures are not only for women, we welcome men into the salon all the time and a manicure always makes you feel good!

Express Manicure

£30 Approx 30 Minutes

Known as the inbetween mani.
Nails shaped, hands are soaked. Cuticles are tidied and your skin hydrated with Lyte butter.
Choice of nail lacquer, Dadi’Oil application.

Cuticle Recovery

£40 Approx 45 Minutes

An intense recovery treatment for dry, damaged cuticles. Cuticles are the dead skin at the base of fingernails or toenails.
They may seem useless but they are there to protect you against infections.

Nails are shaped, hands are soaked. Intense cuticle work to tidy, soften and rehydrate. Your hands are them hydrated and massaged to increase blood circulation and then your nails are buffed to a shine or polished with nail lacquer. Treatment is completed with an application of Dadi’Oil.

Rehab Treatment

6 week course £300

If you are making the transition from acrylic nails or years of nail abuse that have left your nails week and brittle, this treatment has been designed for you.
This treatment will also benefit nail biters.

During your visit, your therapist will perform a thorough consultation of your nails and gain an understanding of your nail goals.
Your nails will be shaped and tidied, hands will be soaked to soften your cuticles and an IBX strengthening treatment will be applied.
You will then be treated to our gorgeous paraffin dip and a hand massage to increase blood flow.
The treatment will be completed with an application of Dadi’Oil.

Along with your treatment, you will receive your own bottle of Dadi’Oil and guidance on how to look after your nails at home.
We advise you to keep your nails naked throughout the course for maximum benefit.

Spa Manicure

£37 Polish | £57 Gel Approx 45 minutes

Designed to maintain the vitality of your nails and the health of your hands. Nails are shaped to your request, hands are then treated to a warm salt soak and cuticles are tidied.
A hand exfoliation and expert massage follows. Nails are finished with a choice of Morgan Taylor lacquer or Gelish gel polish.  An application of Dadi’Oil completes the treatment.

The Queen B Signature Manicure

£52 Polish | £72 Gel Approx 60 minutes

Pure luxury and our most popular manicure. Your nails are shaped, hands are then soaked in a warm salt bath, cuticles treated.
A deep hand exfoliation follows to revive and revitalise skin. Hands are then treated to our classic paraffin wax treatment to increase blood circulation and hydrate. An extended hand and lower arm massage using our body butter completes the treatment. The difference is immediately visible. Choice of nail lacquer or Gelish gel polish, Dadi’Oil application.

After Care For Your Nails

To keep your hands in tip top shape, we advise daily use of moisturising creams and cuticle oils.
If you require guidance, please feel free to ask your therapist during your next visit to Queen B.

Check out our latest blog too, it’s filled with info on how to keep your nails looking and feeling amazing!

We stock a wide range of products in the salon and online to assist you to look after your hands.

Queen B Luxury Nail and Beauty Lounge focuses only on natural nail care, please ensure you remove any nail extensions, enhancements or hard gels before your visit.

Please read our frequently asked questions page for more information.

All prices correct until May 1st 2021

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