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Shaving Versus Waxing

and why more women are ditching their razor

Since we launched our beauty space in March 2019 we have been inundated with guests asking the difference between shaving versus waxing.

Some are super-religious to the art of the blade and have never tried waxing because someone once told them it’s painful.

Our response is always the same, do you want to save time, money and have gorgeous skin?

If the answer is yes, this blog may just open you up to a new world of hair removal and dispel any rumours you may have heard.

So, what is waxing?

Waxing is a wonderful process that removes hair from the root by using a naturally sticky wax that adheres to body hair.
When the wax is removed it pulls out all the hair from the follicle, leaving baby-smooth soft skin.

Ouch! You may scream! That must be painful and uncomfortable.

Luckily with new scientific developments and lots of research, waxing has become a lot more pain-less than it used to be.

Using this process, hair will eventually grow back after about four to six weeks and any area of the body can be waxed (Although we do not recommend using wax for hair removal on beards).
Read on to understand more about shaving versus waxing.

So whats the difference?

Firstly, there are no razor burns – you know, the painful and itchy sensation you get after shaving?
Those razor burns also look very ugly, especially when they are sore and red.

Imagine how they look when you are wearing a bikini on the beach or a tank top, definitely not the thing to do when you want to raise your hands up in the air!

Yes, when you wax your bikini line or under your arms, you don’t get the dreaded razor burn.

Ok so that’s the razor burn, what else is so great about waxing?

So imagine the scene, it’s the middle of summer and leading the hectic lifestyle that you do, you have not had time to shave your legs – total wardrobe rethink!

Yes, waxing saves time, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, as long as you have booked your regular appointment, you will never have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions ever again.

Soft, smooth legs all the time.
No more shaving your legs every day to avoid the obvious, stubbly growth that appears out of no-where.

But won’t my hair grow back thicker when I wax?

Quite the opposite, in fact, repeatedly waxing the same area of your body reduces hair growth.
The reason this happens is waxing damages the hair papilla as it is responsible for supplying nutrients to hair to make it grow – without the nutrients, hair cannot grow!

Will my hair still get prickly?

When you shave, re-growth is prickly and stubbly and bloody uncomfortable too. The process of shaving cuts off the hair from the skin, leaving a blunt tip. When you wax, you remove the hair from the root, so when it grows back the new hair is soft.

Shaving versus waxing

How can I save time and money?

So think of all the razors you have purchased, the shaving creams and the plasters.
With waxing you will save a fortune from not having to buy razors and shaving creams.

Not only do the razors blunt quickly, they are expensive to replace.
And then there’s the plasters from all the razor nicks.

Your average wax appointment will take about 20-30 minutes, the results last much longer and your soft silkier skin will look amazing!

Find out about our waxing services

To add even more sugar on the cake, your waxing Queen has plenty of knowledge and you can be guaranteed a first class service.

What wax do you use at Queen B?

After months of research and lots of testing, we found an amazing brand that we fell in love with immediately.

Wax Logic is a new wax brand that is giving a lot of the older kids on the block a run for their money.

Practically painless and fast drying, it leaves no residue and stays super flexible so you do not get that skin pull often associated with waxing.

Wax-Logic is suitable for every skin type and contain no allergens, parabens, or colorants.
We also use pre and post wax products to ensure your skin remains soft and silky after your treatment.

Ok so im interested in having my first wax, but wont everyone hear me scream?

Our treatment rooms have been created to be as soundproofed as possible.
All 3 rooms are also very private and very luxurious too. Each room is equipped with an electronically raised bed.
This is perfect for those of you who have difficulty climbing onto a bed and especially if you are heavily pregnant.
The beds are also heated to make your experience the best it can be.

The wax we use is also very different, it is virtually pain-less! There should be no screaming.

How Long Does A Wax Last?

Results from waxing usually last up to a month while shaving must be done on a daily basis.
Hair still grows back during this time period but it grows back finer and softer compared to when shaving.
Hair has to grow back again in order for you to wax again, but the hair is much less noticeable and doesn’t require you to shave it.


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Can you wax eyebrows too? I’ve always plucked them

Yes, you can wax pretty much everywhere and eyebrow waxing is super popular.
It takes minutes to do and is very precise, your therapist will also pluck out a few stragglers if required.
Plucking, when done by a trained professional can be super accurate.

The only risk with constant plucking is overdoing it. Eyebrow hairs don’t always grow back.
It is crucial not to over-pluck or you may risk damaging or losing your eyebrow follicles for good.

How does threading work?

Threading is very different to waxing.
It removes hair in numerous directions and because of this it can be difficult to remove hairs accurately.

Ultimately this has a negative effect on the hair follicle and the skin that surrounds it.
This can tear the follicle if hair is removed.
Sometimes the hair is not removed, it may just be broken from the surface of the skin.
Hence the pain!
Worse still, if the hair is broken at the skin, it can grow back in different directions and it will also grow back faster.
If it is fully removed, it could be like laser, permanent. Not really the look you want for your brows…Or is it?

Let us know your thoughts on Saving versus Waxing in the comments below

What Our Guests Say

The therapist was an amazing waxer. This wax was pain free. Her technique is fabulous and the brand of wax used is a high quality product. The environment is relaxing, chilled and meticulously clean.

Marisa Morrison

They are excellent at doing nails and also funny to talk with. The wax that was used on my eyebrows was the most pain free wax I have ever experienced!


Excellent detoxifying massage- I feel so good. The bikini wax was a pleasant experience and professionally done to my satisfaction.
Lots of care and attention went in to find the perfect nail polish and then I was treated like a queen for my manicure and pedicure. Thanks Queen B


Ruth Eccleston


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