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IBX Nail Treatments

IBX Nail Treatments are a revolutionary two-part system that acts as a protective shield for the natural nail.

It can also be used as a strengthening system to help grow natural nails making them stronger.
The Repair Treatment is for a variety of types of damage.

Are you nails peeling or flaking? Do you have paper-thin nails? Are they prone to chipping and splitting?

Unlike a repair polish that sits on the surface of your nail, IBX uses both essential oils and heat to penetrate inside the nail plate.

Traditional repair polishes form a bond with the keratin in the nail and are removed and re-applied every time you change your polish. IBX fuses the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate together with an Interpenetrating Polymer Network, which locks itself within the nail plate.

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Treatment is prescribed based on the individual & the condition of their nails, this means someone with heavily damaged nails may require more treatments.

We love to make your natural nails pretty. Check out our full nail treatment list.

If you need guidance, please call or email the salon and we will be happy to help.

Please note, we focus on the natural nail and promoting nail health and therefore do not apply acrylic treatments nor are we able to remove them for you. Please ensure you do not have any form of enhancements for your treatment at Queen B.

IBX Nail Recovery Treatment

£30 : Approx 30 minutes

Cuticles tidied, nails are shaped, application of IBX treatment and strengthener and a choice of nail lacquer. Dadi’Oil application.

IBX Boost

£15 Approx 15 minutes

IBX Boost is a flexible, strong soft gel which forms a protective layer that is the perfect complement to the IBX System.
Boost will smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under your manicure or gel treatment.
This is an add on service and cannot be performed on its own.

The IBX Boost System can be used as:
A natural nail overlay for strength and protection
A protective coating under other services such as Gel Polish
Extends Gel Polish wear up to three weeks or more

Cuticle Recovery

£40 Approx 45 Minutes

An intense recovery treatment for dry, damaged cuticles. Cuticles are the dead skin at the base of fingernails or toenails.
They may seem useless but they are there to protect you against infections.

Nails are shaped, hands are soaked. Intense cuticle work to tidy, soften and rehydrate. Your hands are them hydrated and massaged to increase blood circulation and then your nails are buffed to a shine or polished with nail lacquer. Treatment is completed with an application of Dadi’Oil.

Rehab Treatment

6 week course £300

If you are making the transition from acrylic nails or years of nail abuse that have left your nails week and brittle, this treatment has been designed for you. This treatment will also benefit nail biters.
During your visit, your therapist will perform a thorough consultation of your nails and gain an understanding of your nail goals. Your nails will be shaped and tidied, hands will be soaked to soften your cuticles and an IBX strengthening treatment will be applied. You will then be treated to our gorgeous paraffin dip and a hand massage to increase blood flow.

The treatment will be completed with an application of Dadi’Oil and you will also receive your own bottle of Dadi’Oil and guidance on how to look after your nails at home. We advise you to keep your nails naked throughout the course for maximum benefit.

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