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Male waxing has become fashionable, attractive and more hygienic. Men seeing the benefits of a softer silkier body after their waxing treatments.

Being kept tidy gives the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Whether its a back wax or a chest wax, a full body wax or a male intimate wax, Queen B are Wax Masters and your friendly, experienced therapist will be able to give you the correct advice and guidance.
Our treatment rooms have been designed to be private and comfortable so you can relax and enjoy your experience.

If this is your first male waxing treatment and you are unsure of what to expect, please do not be shy, our team have many years of experience. Feel free to give us a call or arrange a complimentary consultation ahead of your treatment.

Please ensure you have not waxed or shaved at within the past 3 weeks prior to your appointment as we will not be able to perform the treatment but you will still be charged. If in doubt, please call before you book.

We offer male grooming treatments and waxing only. If you are having any type of intimate waxing you will be required to remove ALL clothing from the waist down for a perfect wax. Please do not make a complete fool of yourself by asking for ‘extra’s’.

We are fully qualified male waxing therapists and we remove hair only.
ANY inappropriate behaviour will NOT be tolerated, and if at any time the therapist feels uncomfortable you will be asked to leave and you may be reported to the police.

Friendly service with excellent results. Thank you!

Ian C

Top, top expert. Highly recommended!

Ivan K

Fleur always does a fine job and is lovely. Lovely wax visit
She manages any discomfort as best she can and is nice to chat with as we go.

Paul R

Very friendly and made me comfortable

Wesley S

She was super lovely and very reassuring since this was my first time getting a wax!

Pedro R

The treatment was painless and Fleur has an excellent manner which relaxes her customers.

Cormac M

Very professional and friendly. Much appreciated to receive such a great service as a first time visitor. Thank you

Stephen Sorrell

Full Body Wax

The Queen B Signature Male Full Body Wax £300 | £270 without intimate

All hair is removed from neck down and also includes eyebrows, nose, and ears.


Eyebrow Shape £20
Tidies up unruly brows for a shape to best suit you.

Ear Wax £18
Removes the hair from the outside of the ear lobe and the inside section.

Eyebrow Shape and Tint £45
Shape and tidy for your eyebrows and give them a natural-looking tint
(48-hour patch test required.)

Male Nostril Wax £18
Removes the hair on show from the nostrils leaving those further up the nasal cavity to do their job.


Full Torso £98
Includes the upper and lower back, shoulders, the tops of the arms (T-shirt) and the neck/hairline as well as the chest and abs.

Chest and Abs £50
Chest, abs and stomach

Chest £40
The upper chest section only (from the neck down to the top of the rib cage)

Abdomen £22
The abdomen area only.

Back Wax £40
This wax includes just an upper and lower back wax only.
The basic back wax does NOT include the neck/hairline, shoulders or upper arms.

Back, Shoulder, Neck & Half-arm wax £85
Includes the upper and lower back, shoulders, the top half of the arms (down to the elbows) and the neck/hairline if required.

Full Back and Shoulders £55
The full-back and shoulder wax includes the upper and lower back, shoulders and the neck/hairline if required.

Neck and Shoulders £25
The shoulders and the neck/hairline.

Upper Back and Shoulders £40
The top of the back and shoulders

Lower Back £22
This wax includes just the lower back wax only.

Arms and Hands

Full Arms and Hands £45
A full arm and hand wax includes the full arms, hands and fingers.

Upper Arms £30
Removes the hair from the elbow to the beginning of the shoulders.

Forearms and Hands £30
From the elbow to the hand including fingers.

Full Arms and Underarms £55
Hair is removed from your arms, hands, fingers and armpits

Underarms £20
Removes the hair from the armpits only

Hands and Fingers £18
Gives a cleaner look, perfect after a manicure, hair is removed from your hands and fingers

Below The Waist

Full Leg, Foot & Bum wax £95
Removal of the hair from the butt cheeks & crack, legs, feet and toes.

Full Legs and Feet £60
Removal of the hair from the top of the legs, feet and toes. This does not include the butt area.

Upper Legs £35
The top part of your legs, includes thighs front up to the speedo line and back, up to the butt line.

Lower Legs £35
From your knees to your feet and toes.

Male Leg Crease wax £20
Just the creases of the legs.

Bikini / Brief Wax £45
The removal of the hair surrounding the speedo line.
The goal is to clean up this particular area so the inner thighs and the upper area that leads to the groin are waxed.
This treatment does not include the penis, buttocks or scrotum.
It's recommended for clients to experience bikini waxing before moving on to Hollywod/Bikini wax

Hollywood/ Brazilian £77
This is a full intimate wax for men removing all hair from the penis, scrotum, buttocks (if required) and butt cleavage. The hair on the pubic triangle can be either removed or shaped

Penis, Sac and Crack Wax £63
Includes the butt cleft, sac and penis.

Penis and Sac Wax £57
This is a wax just for the penis and sac.

Bum Cheeks and Crack Wax £40
Full bum wax (cheeks and cleft)

Bum Cheeks £30
Hair is removed from the bum cheeks only (Not including cleft or anus)

Male Cleft Wax £25
Butt/cleft wax

Perineum £20
The area between the anus and the scrotum.

Waxing Combinations

Torso Underarms and Hollywood  £185
Back Shoulders and Hollywood  £127
Chest Shoulders Upper Arms and Brows  £95

All prices correct until May 1st 2025

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