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Body Treatments by QB

Relax, unwind and turn off the outside world. This is your time.

We have created a number of very special body treatments to allow you to do just that.
Our treatment rooms have been styled to combine privacy, luxury and simplicity. Drift into a cocoon in your own beautiful, very private world.

Warm beds, luxury linen, soft lighting and mood music add to your experience. We cannot promise you will fall asleep, but we can guarantee you will zone out.

Find out more about our body treatments below

Back facial cleanse

30 mins £35

Your back is one of the most neglected areas on the body, prone to sweat, irritations and acne breakouts, this treatment will resolve many concerns.
A deep cleanse to remove the build up and toxins, a soft exfoliation removes dead skin steam is used to softens pore and prepare for the extraction process. A mask is applied to the back increasing hydration while a warm towel foot treatment relieves tension and stress.
A moisturising relaxing massage completes the treatment.

Back, neck and shoulder massage

30 mins £40 | 45 mins £60

The perfect treatment for your lunch hour, or to de-stress on your way home, this targeted treatment helps to relieve tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders.
Relaxing strokes with deep releasing techniques, to help smooth away hunched shoulders, knots and stiff muscles.

Total body exfoliation

30 mins £40

Rejuvenate your skin and increase blood circulation while achieving a softer, cleaner, more nourished texture.
Oils are used to soften while the luxury exfoliation techniques remove dead skin.
A soak in our warm rain shower gives you a burst of freshness. A moisturising relaxing massage completes the treatment.

Full body relax

55 mins £60 | 85 mins £90

A soothing full body massage designed to ease away tension, restoring a sense of tranquillity, leaving you feeling totally relaxed. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation.

Detoxifying massage therapy

55 mins £65

Designed for today’s environmental stresses to remove excess toxins from the body and increase blood flow with a combination of dry brushing and massage techniques. Coffee exfoliation is used to soften skin and replenish moisture. The powerful lymphatic drainage oxygenates tissue and shifts cellulite while decreasing bloating and reducing water retention. A soft colon massage aids the digestive process leaving you feeling fresher and revitalised, with a clearer mind.
While one treatment is divine, multiple weekly treatments are advised to see optimal results.

Hot stone massage

55 mins £80 | 85 mins £125

A bespoke combination of aromatherapy oils, warm volcanic stones and a targeted massage to relax your muscles and soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and rejuvenate your body. A heavenly massage!

The Queen B signature experience

115mins £125

Switch off the world for our ultimate relaxation treatment to reduce stress and improve well being. Botanical sea salt scrubs to exfoliate and replenish skin while relaxing massage techniques aid blood flow.
You are then treated to a rich hydrating body wrap that conditions the skin with bursts of luxurious oils while your therapist performs a cleansing facial with a head, scalp and neck massage.

A relaxing full body massage completes the treatment.

Pregnancy Specialists

We are experts in pregnancy treatments and are the salon of choice for many expectant mothers before their bundle of joy arrives. Body aches, tired feet, in need of some pampering, we have treatments curated just for you.

Our treatment rooms have been specifically designed to pamper you throughout your experience so you can feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.

We also offer pre-birth waxing which is designed to be as pain-free as possible without compromising on effectiveness, leaving you soft, smooth and prepared for the big arrival.

Please do not book any pregnancy/massage treatments if you are in your first trimester.

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