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Male Body Waxing


Full Torso £75

Totally ready for the beach, includes the upper and lower back, shoulders, the upper arms and the neck/hairline as well as the chest and abs.

Chest £25

The upper chest section only (from the neck down to the top of the rib cage). If you require the abs of the stomach area waxed as well then you need to book a chest & abs wax.

Abdomen £25

The abdomen area only.

Chest & Abs £40

Chest, abs and stomach down to the top of the pubic mound. Strip and hot wax will be used.

Lower Back £20

This wax includes just the lower back wax only.

Neck and Shoulders £20

The neck and shoulder wax includes the shoulders and the neck/hairline.

Upper Back & Shoulders £30

The top of the back and shoulders

Full Back & Shoulders £40

The full back and shoulder wax includes the upper and lower back, shoulders and the neck/hairline if required.

Arms and Hands

Full Arms £35

A full arm and hand wax includes the full arms, hands and fingers.

Upper Arms £30

Removes the hair from the elbow to the beginning of the shoulders.

Forearms £25

From the elbow to the hand including fingers.

Underarms £15

Removes the hair from the armpits only

Full Arms and Underarms £45

Hair is removed from your arms, hands, fingers and armpits.

Hands & Fingers £8

Gives a cleaner look, perfect after a manicure, hair is removed from your hands and fingers.


Eyebrow Shape £15

Tidies up unruly brows for a shape to best suit you.

Ear Wax £10

Removes the hair from the outside of the ear lobe and the inside section.

Male Nostril Wax £10

Removes the hair on show from the nostrils leaving those further up the nasal cavity to do their job.

Please note, we do not do beard waxing.

Legs and Feet

Full Leg and feet £50
Removal of the hair from the legs, feet and toes. This does not include the butt area.

Upper Legs £35

The top part of your legs, includes thighs front up to the speedo line and back, up to the butt line.

Lower Legs £30

From your knees to your feet and toes.

Feet & Toes £10

Perfect for flip flop season, total hair removal from your feet and toes.
Book a pedicure before your wax for maximum benefit.

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