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Dadi Lip Balm


100% natural long-lasting conditioning balm for the lips. Instantly soothes & Moisturizes dry lips.

Powered By Beeswax for conditioning, the oils of Dadi’ Oil, natural vitamin E

Notable ingredients include beeswax, coconut oil, aloe and jojoba oil.

Zero parabens and zero petroleum.

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Why Dadi Lip Balm?

Famous Names searched the world for the very best bio-similar, certified organic oils.
The results, Dadi’Oil. But then the world demanded a lip balm – Step up Dadi Lip Balm.

What was their goal?
To deliver flexibility, toughness and shine to the nail, and to deliver moisturizing benefits to the skin.
Dadi’ Oil offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration and a clean, light aroma made up of 21 essential oils.

The benefits of Dadi’ Oil include:

  • Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply.
  • Enhances flexibility and prevents nail brittleness.
  • Long-lasting color stability and shelf-life. Compare the color to other products; no comparison!
  • Great moisturiser for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration.
  • Why use non-certified oils when you can have 95% certified organic Dadi Oil?

And from Dadi’Oil, they have created Dadi Lip Balm.

A brand new lip balm with all the ingredients of Dadi’Oil in Dadi Lip Balm.

Dadi'Lip Balm In The Know

High-Purity Avocado Oil*
Contains high levels of vitamins A, D and Lecithin for superior moisturizing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil*
Surprised? EVOO contains Squalene, a natural softening agent already found in nails and skin; it also contains Oleocanthal, a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Jojoba Oil*
A penetration enhancer.

Natural Vitamin E
A powerful anti-oxidant that neutralizes and destroys free radicals in nails, skin and hair before they cause damage.


  • No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers have been used in the soil for at least three years, meaning reduced contamination in the soil, air and water.
  • It is renewable, sustainable production which is naturally better for the environment.
  • Organic products are typically higher in micro nutrients (organic tomatoes have about 18% higher fruit solids and taste better!).


A blend of 21 naturally derived essential oils (including Citrus*, Vanilla*, Limon*, Bergamot, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lavender) create a beautiful aroma.


The Complete Dadi Range Is Available At Queen B Luxury Nail & Beauty Lounge


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