Guam DUO Body Slimming Treatment


Promotes firmness, fat dissolution and body sculpting.

Rich in active ingredients such as Guam Algae, Algae EugenaGracilis and Seawater from the island of Normourtier in France, It provides an effective reshaping action for the abdomen obliques, buttocks and hips.

While advertised as “For men” it also works equally well on women too!

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Guam DUO Body Slimming Treatment

The GUAM DUO Body Slimming Treatment* cream for men has a wealth of synergetic active ingredients that include Guam Algae (Euglena Gracilis Algae) and Noirmoutier Sea Spring Water (Earth Marine Water).
It provides an effective reshaping action for the abdomen obliques, buttocks and hips*. The skin will appear firmer and more toned.


Guam Seaweed
Euglena Gracilis Seaweed is a unicellular eukaryotic seaweed equipped with two energy production systems: chloroplasts and mitochondria, systems that enable it to generate energy both during the day and at night. It provides an excellent energy boost for the skin.
It is also rich in nourishing minerals, trace elements and vitamins and it’s antioxidant properties help to activate the skin’s metabolism, firming the skin and improving elasticity.

Noirmoutier Marine Spring Water (Earth Marine Water).
Earth Marine Water is a unique mineralised water found in the heart of the French Isle of Noirmoutier.
The Water is drawn from deep within its grotto – where it has evolved over centuries into a richly mineralised wonder!
It preserves and protects the skin’s balance by re-mineralising the skin of its critical minerals.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)
The body’s natural moisturisers. They are hydrophilic molecules that help to draw water into your skin and keep your skin hydrated.
By holding moisture within our skin cells, they help to maintain your skin’s structural integrity by providing volume, elasticity and firmness


How to use:
Simply massage Guam DUO Body Slimming Treatment cream into the abdomen, obliques, hips and buttocks in a circular motion every morning or evening.

The product begins to heat the areas applied and penetrate the active ingredients deep into the skin.
It is normal to experience redness and a warm tingling sensation. Excellent after a shower.

Not recommended for use on delicate skin.
Wash hands after use.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Do not apply on injured or irritated skin or in the presence of an allergy to the ingredients.


For best results use Guam DUO Body Slimming Treatment daily with the Guam T-shirts and Guam Britannia Dren Plus drink.

*Reducing/reshaping: not involving weight loss


Guam Seaweed Scrubs and Body Wrap Treatments

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