Brands We Love At Queen B

Brands We Love At Queen B

We often get asked lots of questions about the brands we have chosen to partner with, brands we love at Queen B!
We say partner because that’s what it is. We partner with these brands as we are effectively an extension of their business and they of ours.
We love what they do, what they stand for and we build strong relationships with them and that includes trust and faith in their products too.

How do we choose the brands we work with?

We are industry professionals and education is at the forefront of our business.
With this in mind, we invest plenty of time in product knowledge and the ever changing world of our amazing industry including keeping updated on reports from leading scientists.
Fortunately as one of the founder members of The Federation of Nail Professionals, an industry body whose sole purpose is to regulate our industry, I am privy to a lot of information first hand which is then relayed to our team. Yes, you read that right, we are not a regulated industry.

Every product we use and retail, we have tried and tested. We believe in the brands we work alongside and trust the products that we provide.
You can be assured that if a product is recommended by our team, it is because we know it will benefit you.

Wait! The beauty industry not regulated?

Sadly not.

Literally anyone can open a nail bar or beauty salon in the UK regardless of experience, knowledge or education. You can also be sold beauty products that could contain chemicals or worse still be toxic and no one would be none the wiser. Except you of course when your skin flares up.

Fortunately, we pride ourselves on ensuring everything is how it should be and work to the strictest standards at Queen B from our excellent hygiene standards to ensuring all products used are compliant. (Most are vegan and organic too BTW)

In fact when we reopened after the pandemic, the government issued strict guidelines on how salons should operate and what they needed to do from a hygiene perspective. The only things we needed to amend were social distancing and the wearing of face coverings, everything else was already being done as standard.

As the industry is not regulated there is no one to check products are not counterfeit or that they meet safety guidelines or worse still that they are suitable for use.

This is why before we use any brand or product, we spend time doing due diligence, confirming they are a market leader and have a strong history with an excellent reputation. We also ensure they are not tested on animals and wherever possible vegan and organic.

Then we rigorously test their products internally and play with them looking out for flaws, problems and possible issues. After all we only want the best for our guests.
When we have tested the products, depending on the product, we look at durability, results, longevity and most importantly possibilities of reactions or issues over time.
We then get feedback from the team and if everything is positive we move forward.

If there is even the smallest issue with the products or we feel they do not match what we stand for then we decide collectively against it.
Sometimes, even when we have begun working with a brand, ingredients or formulas change, and so we have to go back to the drawing board!

Its sounds a bit long winded we know but this is our way of guaranteeing quality and of course peace of mind both from your point and ours.
We want to fall in love with the brand, with the ethos, the passion – They become part of our family and become one of the brands we love.

gelish morgan taylor logo

Gelish and Morgan Taylor

As a natural nail care salon, we invest a lot of time in education, understanding the structure of the nail and everything nail related and so when we launched back in 2016 we chose Gelish for our gel polish.

We carried 32 of their premium shades which in salon terms is quite a lot. Most salons only carry about 25.
Today stock pretty much every single shade including some of their rarer limited edition collections – Just under 200 different shades.

We use Morgan Taylor for our nail lacquer, also owned by the same company as Gelish, they colour match with their gel polish too just in case you want gels on your hands and polish on your fingers.

Little fact: Morgan Haile and Taylor Daniel, are actually the inspiration behind Morgan Taylor and they are in fact the daughters of CEO Danny Haile and President David Daniel.

Gelish and Morgan Taylor are both Vegan and not tested on animals.
Both are also 3 free meaning they do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.

Find out more about our gel polish treatments

gelish morgan taylor bottles
famous names logo

Famous Names

Inventors of Dadi’Oil, Dadi’Lotion, Dadi’Scrub, Dadi’Balm, IBX and IBX Boost.
Launched in 2010 Linda and Jim Nordstrom have spent their entire professional careers in The Professional Beauty Industry. Their passion and devotion is amazing as well as being lovely people too.
Their multi award winning products are best in class with Dadi’Oil, Dadi’Lotion and IBX Nail Strengthening Treatments and IBX Boost all winning first place in their categories for the Nail Pro’s Annual Readers Choice Awards every single year since they launched.

We are official stockists of their products and use them all in our nail treatments.
All products we use in our treatments from the Famous Names range are vegan friendly and free from sulphate and parabens.

Find out more about the amazing Famous Names Dadi range of products

Find out more about what IBX can do for you

Famous names products ibx
cuccio naturale

Cuccio Naturale

Tony Cuccio and his wife Roberta began selling their nail polishes and products on Venice Beach in 1981, they are now the largest nail and beauty product manufacturer in the world.

Their signature product is the Milk and Honey Butter – Created after Tony’s friend, a specialist in a burns unit was finding it a challenge to keep his patients hydrated, Tony created the butter with a release of hydration every 2 hours over 24 hours.

We use the soaks, scrubs and butters in our spa treatments and have worked alongside with Cuccio from the very beginning.

The soaks naturally soothes and moisturises, while the scrubs offer a deep exfoliation for a clearer fresher feel and the butters keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Find out more about the Cuccio Naturale range


Perron Rigot

Perron Rigot invented disposable wax in Paris, France in 1936.

Now nearly 80 years later they continue to innovate and educate in more than 35 countries.
Recognised as a brand leader and offering a wax that is low temperature and practically pain free.

As it is both vegan and organic, the wax is better for those with sensitive skin resulting in a lesser chance of skin irritation or reactions.

We are Waxing Masters and intimate waxing specialists for men and women
Find out why waxing at Queen B is so popular

Murad Logo

Murad Skincare

We love Murad Skincare, totally bespoke, totally results driven and the treatments are super luxurious too!

Founded more than 30 years ago Dr. Murad’s skincare products were among the first clinically proven to achieve significant measurable anti-aging results without surgery. Awarded 19 patents for his skincare breakthroughs, Dr. Murad’s skincare line was: Among the first to use alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), the game-changing anti-aging ingredient Dr Howard Murad First to treat the underlying connection between skincare, healthcare and hydration – leading to the first products to help the cells retain water (RepleniCell).

Pioneering identification of three distinct types of aging—environmental, genetic, and hormonal—and treatments for each type.
First to introduce the medical spa, combining science-backed treatments with Inclusive Health stress relief – The Murad Method Facial.

As a Murad Partner Pro Salon – The highest level of partnership (1 of only 5 in the UK) this means all of our Murad therapists have been trained by Murad Skincare direct and at the advanced level.


Queen B is also an official stockist of Murad Skincare and carry their whole range.

Find out about Murad Method Facials and the amazing results



When we were first introduced to Footlogix, we didn’t think we needed another pedicure on our treatment list but we spent time researching and understanding the benefits. It’s effectively a cross between a pedicure and a medical pedicure.

Footlogix uses advanced Dermal Infusion Technology to deliver active ingredients into the skin and nails on and around the foot. Their products contain state of the art ingredients, aiming to create a protective barrier while still allowing the skin to perspire.

The professional pedicure products have been scientifically formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and developed specifically for podiatrists, and pedicurists.

The results are amazing. We are also official stockists of the Footlogix home care range available in salon at Queen B.

Find out how a Footlogix Pedicure can benefit your feet

Footlogix Croydon Medical Pedicure
Dermalux Logo


We recently introduced Dermalux to Queen B after watching a demonstration at an industry event. The results were fascinating and the LED Light Therapy offered a pain free solution for multiple concerns including psoriasis, acne and blemishes, rosacea and redness, pigmentation, collagen stimulation, and for general skin rejuvenation.
Dermalux is the only LED Phototherapy system in the world to be medically certified for the treatment of Psoriasis.

Controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light can produce vitamin D, providing energy and serotonin, as well as accelerating tissue healing. By harnessing the power of three specifically chosen light waves and applying them to the skin at clinically proven wavelengths, Dermalux® stimulates cellular reactions, recharging the cells and energising them to heal quicker and rejuvenate faster, resulting in improved tissue repair and reduced inflammation.

During our testing, we could not believe the results, there is also zero downtime and when used as an addition to a Murad facial the results multiplied.

Find out more about Dermalux and understand how the technology works

Dermalux before and after
Guam Logo

Guam Seaweed

Guam have redefined anti-cellulite treatments to naturally boost the lymph system with their Certified Organic and Vegan Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed.

Ethically harvested from non-contaminated waters in Italy, they are controlled by the NFSA to meet the highest standards of purity, assuring complete freedom from contamination.
The purity of the seaweed increases effectiveness to detox, target cellulite, reduce swelling and diminish fat cells, promoting a firmer, more toned and slimmer silhouette.

The results are fantastic, so much so, that we see ladies that travel across London every week to enjoy the benefits.
This is not weight loss, this is water reduction and as the body is made up practically of water, it is not unusual to notice an inch lost after each treatment.

We are an official Guam Seaweed Stockist and certified treatment provider. Find out more

guam before and after blog.jpg
lash bomb logo

Lash Bomb

We love the look of a lash lift however at the time we had become dissatisfied with the brand we were using after they changed production and their quality dropped, so much so that we actually removed the treatment from our menu while we researched the industry.

Fleur, one of our amazing therapists, introduced us to Lash Bomb and the results we saw were impressive.
We wanted to find out more and ordered some test products for us to play with.
The team loved how easy they were to use and how long they lasted.

We love the results from our lash lifts and brow laminations!

Lash Lifts Brow Lamination

Their educators provide excellent support and they are always innovating, constantly releasing new products and treatments to help us offer the best for our amazing guests.

They are also vegan too!

Find out more about our lash lifts and brow lamination treatments

Some of our favourite products from The Brands We Love

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