Its our third birthday!

Queen B Third Birthday

Queen B launched on the 14th April, it was a beautiful sunny Thursday and the salon was packed to the rafters with lots of lovely guests wanting a different nail salon experience.

This weekend, its our third birthday and we are so humbled by the love!

The whole reason for launching Queen B was because we were bored of sub standard salons.
You know the ones, they offer a very rushed service, the environment is unfriendly and the hygiene standards are pretty non-existent.

Our focus from day one was all about the experience.

A space where you felt comfortable, welcomed and where a visit to the salon was not a chore.

Natural nail care was what we quickly became known for and there was no nasty fumes, no humming of electric drills, no jets in our pedicure sinks and definitely no cheese graters to remove hard skin.

We begun to educate a lot of our guests on how to look after their own natural nails and to show that they could grow their own natural nails without the use of acrylic enhancements.
All is took was a little bit of patience and love, and cuticle oil!

Due to how we perform pedicures, our pedicures became famous, as not only were they very extensive, we also offered a paraffin wax treatment.
A classic treatment that hydrates your skin while increasing your blood circulation.

We showcased how to look after your feet and how a regular pedicure makes you feel amazing!

How often do I need a pedicure? queen b luxury pedicures in Croydon

Hygiene And Your Safety Is Paramount


The hygiene aspect has always been at the top of our priorities and our pedicure sinks are jet-less and have no over flows, this means all of the gunk from the pedicure is washed away properly using hospital grade disinfectant after each guest.

We were asked multiple times why we did not have “those lovely massage chairs” and the answer is very simple.
Those massage chairs have jets in the sinks that need to be removed after each use, scrubbed and disinfected and put back – A process that can take about 20 minutes. A process salons do not do because they will end up losing a lot of time so that means they do not do it.
It also means your feet get bathed in the same gunk as the previous person – Yes, disgusting.

Instead of those massage chairs, we have gorgeous custom made baroque thrones with soft Italian leather for you to relax in, in the knowledge that your health and safety is paramount.

We also use disposable foot files to remove callus and hard skin and will not treat anyone with verrucae, fungal infections or any other contagious infections.. Zero cross contamination.

This led us to win numerous awards for the client experience and being nominated as the best nail salon in London in 2018.
Numerous press articles have been written about our work and we have received over 2000 5* reviews across Facebook and Google.

Not bad for a small salon in South Croydon.

Part of the South Croydon Community

South Croydon has a beautiful community and we love being a part of it.

Getting to know all the local residents and working with various community and council leaders to improve the area, supporting local schools and charities with donations and making it a cleaner, safer place not just for the people that live here, but also for those visiting the area too.

With the love and passion we have for the area and the constant requests from our guests asking for more services to be added to our treatment menu, we decided to take over the empty dilapidated shop next door and make it into a beauty space.

It had been empty since we opened and was becoming an eyesore with its dirty broken shop front and and smashed signage so at the end of 2018 we completed on the purchase and got the builders in immediately.

Brand new shop fronts on both shops were installed giving off a brighter and more up to date look and internally we invested heavily to bring you a brand new re-branded and refreshed nail & beauty space.

Still keeping the focus on the experience, we ripped out floors, ceilings, moved walls and recreated a brand new design and changed the name too!

Welcome to Queen B Luxury Nail & Beauty Lounge


Now that we offer beauty services, we are now called Queen B Luxury Nail & Beauty Lounge.

Our services now include prescriptive facials from Murad, and painless waxing hair removal too. As well as of course, natural nail care.

We opened the beauty space on the 1st March for a very soft launch with a full launch on the weekend of 12th April to coincide with our 3rd birthday!

The response so far has been amazing and we have received so many beautiful reviews and compliments – We even had a beautiful feature in the Guardian too!

We will be introducing more treatments very soon and summer appointments are already beginning to populate!

Visit our services page to see the full treatment list and don’t forget to book your appointments in advance to avoid disappointment!

Thank you for choosing Queen B and we hope to see you during our birthday month of April!

Our Beauty Space Is Getting A Lot Of Love

Queen B Featured In The Croydon Guardian For Our Beauty Space
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