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Waxing Hair Removal

All wax treatments at Queen B Luxury Nail & Beauty Lounge are performed using Wax Logic.
A new concept in waxing.

Each wax has been created with 2 core ingredients, one to protect the skin from the waxing process and one to treat the skin during and for up to 24 hours after waxing. This mean there is less redness, less pain andbetter, softer skin long after the waxing is over.

Your experienced therapist will help you to relax in one of our 3 beautiful and private treatment rooms and discuss with you every step of the treatment allowing you to relax and enjoy your experience.

Wax Logic is pain free making your visit an experience rather than just a chore.

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Wax Logic The Science Behind Waxing

All Wax-Logic waxes are suitable for every skin type and contain no allergens, parabens, or colorants and we use pre and post wax products to ensure your skin remains soft and silky after your treatment.

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Our Waxing Treatments:


Removal of any unwanted fuzz from your lip, chin, neck, cheeks or the sides of your face can be done in minutes, painlessly.
This is where waxing can really be a benefit in getting every last pesky strand of facial fuzz.
Your look will be enhanced giving you a softer, more even look.

Forehead/Hairline £12
Cheeks £8
Sides of Face £10
Upper Lip £8
Chin £8
Neck £15

Eyebrows £15
Eyebrow waxing is a quick, gentle and long lasting way to define the shape of your brows.
Having gorgeously groomed brows can transform your face, show off your eyes, and reveal a more confident side of you.
Waxing your eyebrows is a quicker, less painful alternative to threading. You will achieve a sharper, cleaner brow shape that lasts longer and can be used on the most sensitive skin.

Eyebrow Shape and Tint £25

As above but with a beautiful tint too to make them pop!

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Nose £8
Your nose hairs do serve a purpose but they can get a bit long and unruly.
Our waxing specialists will work with you to ensure a tidy look without removing the essential hairs that work hard to protect your face and prevent infection and bacteria.
We will focus on waxing just the outer edge of your nostrils only.

Ears £8
A very quick and super effective way to remove unwanted hair from your ears.


Basic Bikini £18
Basic tidying; we wax the sides and across the top. If you’re wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from “peeking out”.

High Bikini/G-string Bikini £24
A little more thorough than the Basic Bikini and includes hair removed from the top to take your strip down in length.

Brazilian £35
Absolutely all hair is removed from underneath and right round the back.
Leave a strip at the top (as thick or as thin as you like).

Hollywood £38
Absolutely everything is removed from front right to the back. Our experienced team have seen it all before and will put you at ease.

Buttock Crack / Cleft £12
Those fine hairs that you want removed from your butt crack, buttock crack, bum cleft or whatever you want to call it – You are in safe hands


Breasts/Nipples £8
Our nipple wax treatment will stop you feeling embarrassed or concerned and our tactful and experienced team know what to do.
After just a few minutes all of your breast hair will disappear. Your smile and confidence will resume.

Full Stomach £12
If you have hair on your stomach, this waxing treatment will remove it safely and quickly.
All it involves is the application of wax to your complete stomach area.

Navel Line £8
Unwanted fine hairs around your navel line? Perfect, precise and painless removal.


Back waxing is becoming increasingly popular, especially around summer time when you may feel a little self conscious about wearing clothing that reveals your back. Waxing hair removal makes your life easier without having to cover up.

Upper Back £10
Includes the hair from the shoulders to the middle of the back.

Lower Back £8
Includes the hair from the lower mid portion of the back to the waistline.

Full Back £25
Includes everything from the t-shirt line down to the waist. 

Underarms £12
Fed up of shaving your armpits?
Waxing under your arms will give you up to four weeks of hair free smoothness without the skin irritation and painful ingrown hairs that come with shaving.


Full Arms £20
From your shoulders to wrists, we remove every single hair from your arms in a quick and painless treatment.

Upper Arms £15
From your elbows up to your shoulders, we remove your hairs, fine or dark to give you smoother softer skin.

Lower Arms £15
From your elbows down to your wrists. This is also perfect for removing dead skin and improving the appearance of your skin.


Full Legs £42
Our full leg waxing treatments involves removing hair from both legs, from the top of the thigh to the ankle.
Hair removal starts just below the bikini line and includes the front and back of the thighs, knees, and lower legs.

Upper Legs £28
Your hair is removed from the front and back of both thighs to above the knees.

Lower Legs £22
Hair is removed from the front and back of both of your lower legs, from the top of the knee to the ankle.
How amazing that you don’t have to keep shaving your legs. You no longer have to worry about nicks, cuts and skin irritations.

Feet & Toes £8
Hair is removed from the tops of your feet and all of your toes, giving you a cleaner, softer look.

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