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Lashes at Queen B

Introducing The Lash Lift.

All this talk of late about lashes and lash extensions that require so much after care and then you have microblading, a fantastic treatment that seems to be on offered on every corner, leaving you thinking, is everyone properly trained and insured?

Now there is a new lash buzz in town, a treatment that requires no after care and lasts for up to six weeks!


Hello Lashes, welcome to The Lash Lift.


Be honest, your morning routine is probably already hectic, whether its feeding the baby, answering emails, trying to make breakfast and stay hydrated and of course, your daily make up and skincare routine too. This is where The Lash Lift comes into its element.

Also known as a perm for your eyelashes, because that’s what it actually does, it curls your lashes for you!


How does a lash lift work?

Well, first a solution is applied to your lashes, yes, yours, no falsies here. This semi-permanently gives them a curl, similar to using an eyelash curler, although you wont need to use one.
The solution holds the curl for up to 6 weeks, then your therapist works her magic to give you a stunning lift and a gorgeous tint which gives you the effect of mascara.

That’s it, your morning routine is a little less stressful, giving you more time for that extra cup of coffee or the catch the end of the last episode of Game of Thrones that you fell asleep to last night!


Lash Lift £55 (60 minutes)

The Lash Lift is a natural way to lengthen, volumise and lift your natural lashes.

This service includes an Eyelash Tint.


Lashes & Brow Package £75 (80 minutes)

This service includes the Lash Lift (see above), Eyebrow Tint, Eyebrow Shape/Tidy and a Relaxing Head Massage.




All tinting and lash lifts require a patch test a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment.
This can be done at anytime. Ask your therapist for more information

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