Our Story – Queen B

Our Story

I have been asked countless times why did I open a nail salon or what is the story behind the salon, now with everyone on lockdown and our 4th birthday today, this seems as a good time than ever to write about it.

This is Our Story

Queen B originally started off as a stand-alone nail salon back in 2016 but the idea was born many years before.

I was busy flying around the world as a successful DJ as well as being a club promoter and radio presenter. Always in the spotlight, my appearance had to be perfect and it was because of my regular visits to salons that I realised just how poor the service and hygiene standards were.

I knew I could do better, I had a strong background in the service industry, both as restaurateur and club promoter and through a chance conversation with a friend, I heard someone was selling a nail bar.
The idea was about to become a reality.

The salon had been closed for a while but it looked like a fresh coat of paint was all it needed before it could re-open. However the transfer of the lease took forever, which in a way was a good thing, as it meant I could research and gain a better understanding of the nail industry as well as connect with friends I knew that were already in it.

Queen B Our Story Before After

Our Story Really Begins Here

When the keys were finally exchanged (nearly a year later) the idea of a fresh coat of paint went out the window and I decided on a full re-fit.

Not one to do anything by halves, I decided to have bespoke furniture designed that included a long nail bar, an elevated pedicure space, gorgeous Italian leather thrones and custom made jetless sinks.

While designing and researching, I learned that not only were the jetted sinks noisy, they harboured a lot of bacteria. As hygiene standards were to be paramount, no corners would be cut.

Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge opened its doors on Thursday 14th April 2016 and within less than 2 months we had a feature in Scratch Magazine, which is the industry’s leading magazine.
They showcased what we were doing and how we were doing it differently to other salons.

The question was raised as to where the name Queen B came from and the answer is very simple. I call my mother The Queen and of course my surname begins with the initial B.

Word soon spread about Queen B and we began to win awards, one was for The Client Experience as well as gaining press coverage too.

The salon began to build a very strong client base and we are humbled that over 90% of those original guests still join us today.

Industry leading magazine Scratch reviewed Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge Croydon Nov 2016

Fast forward to 2018 and with our guests constantly wishing we offered more services we took over the space next door. A derelict building that was once used as a money transfer exchange; the space was an empty shell with no electric or gas and rotten floors.

Again rather than do things with half measures, I set about finding specialist salon builders and designers and work began. The plan was to update both spaces and have a total re-launch.

The shop fronts were immediately replaced with a more modern look, new signs were installed and builders were instructed to begin work internally.
Sadly the 3 month timeframe offered by the highly recommended builders went into 6 months and I started to notice many flaws in their work so decided to instruct new builders.

With the new building team on board, the project was completed just in time for us to officially re-launch on our 3rd birthday.

Our treatment menu now offers a wide range of luxury beauty services and we are Murad Skincare specialists, waxing masters offering intimate waxing for men and women, facials, body scrubs and of course the manicures and pedicures that made us famous too!

Our amazing team grew from 4 to 10 and we are all passionate about giving you the best experience.

I take huge pride in the fact that all of our team are from the borough of Croydon and we were awarded The Croydon Good Employer Accreditation because of this. Something I am really proud of and of course none of this would be possible without my amazing team.

Check Out The Movie, Our Story

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We Love Croydon

My passion for the local community was recognised and I was invited to join the small business commission for Croydon Council, working with local businesses in the borough to improve the business district and increase awareness to our wonderful borough. This has led to me championing many improvements to the area as well as the area finally getting the green light to have Christmas lights for the first time ever in December 2019!

In 2019 we were also delighted to be invited to the London Hair and Beauty Awards where we picked up Best Nail Salon in London and Most Wanted Salon in London. This means we have now picked up a total of 14 awards since 2016!

2020 kicked off to an amazing start with the salon becoming ambassadors for Murad Skincare and WaxLogic as well as lots of guests securing all of their appointments in advance until Christmas 2020 and hitting over 2000 positive reviews across Facebook and Google. Read some of them here and do not forget to write one if you are a guest.

Sadly the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the UK and in order to protect both our guests and staff, we closed the doors temporarily on March 21st.

It was a sad day but I am happy to say all of our team are still with us and we will all return as soon as we are allowed. Make sure you sign up to our emails before for updates.

Thank you for being a part of the story so far and for joining us over the past 4 years. It has been an amazing journey so far and I have learnt to so much along the way.

I cannot wait to get back to normality, as I am sure you cannot too and we will be throwing a huge party, not just to celebrate our 4th birthday, but also to celebrate life and survival.

I promise we will be back ready to give you the Queen B experience that you are accustomed to very soon.

I pray you and your families are safe and healthy.

Much Love and Respect

Peter Borg
Salon Founder

Peter Borg and Mayor Humayun Kabir
Queen B Good Employer Charter Croydon