Guam Dren Butter Scrub


This nutritious scrub removes dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and releases trace elements to revitalise the skin. The fine butters, oils and omega 3 nourish and restore the hydrolipid film, preventing dehydration.

Active ingredients include chlorella seaweed with vitamins A.B, C and E and minerals zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium and iron. Also contains high volumes of omega 3 from oils such as sunflower, corn, jojoba seed and sesame seed.

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Guam Dren Butter Scrub

Guam Algae combined with selected mineral salts in the Guam Dren Butter Scrub will promote a natural draining process through the pores.

The high concentration of potassium chloride and magnesium chloride in the mineral salts create a hyper-tonic solution that contributes to the ‘osmosis effect’ process to eliminate toxins through the skin.

A blend of fine butters and oils moisturises the hydro lipid film to optimise hydration and gentle exfoliation of sea salt removes dead cells to release elements that revitalise the skin.

Directions For Use

Helps to absorb mud if used immediately before Guam seaweed mud wrap. Shake well before use and clip lid on tightly.


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