The Naked Manicure – Dare to go without polish?

The Naked Manicure

The trends of nail polish shades come and go with the seasons.
One trend that has been popular for many years is the minimalist look.
Lighter shades, sheer, barely-there designs to opaque neutrals. We see this trend being even bigger this year. In fact we don’t think it will ever go away.

However, another trend we are seeing is the naked manicure.
No polish, no gel, just beautifully manicured nails with impeccable cuticle work and leaving your nails elegantly buffed to a shine leaving you with a natural healthy finish.

This style is perfect for men too who want their hands on point, it’s also a real confidence booster especially as face to face meetings are back on and people are actually dressing up again to leave the house. Manicured nails shows you’ve made the effort.

the naked manicure queen b

What is the Queen B Naked Manicure?

This treatment is perfect for when you need a break from having anything on your nails but you are wise enough to understand the benefits of nail health.
Perhaps you want to showcase your natural nails and want to regrow and repair your nails and make them stronger.
This meticulously attentive treatment focuses on optimum beautiful nails and revitalised skin.

When we created the naked manicure we wanted to offer a full rehab for the hands.
Not only do we file and shape your nails and tidy your cuticles, we go further.

Using the magical vitamin C range from Murad Skincare we remove dead skin cells and reinvigorate dull looking skin revealing a smoother texture using the Gold-stabilised exfoliant to deliver antioxidant defence & brightening benefits.

With three different types of exfoliants in one product. Physical micro-mineral exfoliants smooth, high-performing enzymatic exfoliation dissolves dulling dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin, and chemical exfoliants including glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid exfoliate, brighten and purify pores.

Your hands are then hydrated and protected from UV damage with Murad’s vitamin C-rich SPF 30 moisturiser.
The potent antioxidant ginkgo biloba leaf extract helps shield skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution for a glowing, healthy-looking complexion.

Your nails are then treated with a nail strengthener that contains hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for maximum strength and then finished with Dadi’Oil for complete nail hydration.

Treatment time 45 minutes | £50

Products used
Murad Vita C Exfoliator
Murad Vita C Moisturiser
Nail Envy


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How does exfoliation help vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost skin’s radiance and prevent visible skin damage. Unfortunately, vitamin C has its share of challenges: our bodies are unable to naturally produce it, and vitamin C has difficulty penetrating the skin, preventing maximum absorption. Enter exfoliation: By first clearing away dead skin cells with an exfoliant like glycolic acid, vitamin C can better penetrate the skin.

The Benefits of Vitamin C for Your Skin
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