What happens when you pick off gel polish

What happens when you pick off gel polish

Queen B Luxury Nail and Beauty Lounge is dedicated to showcasing natural nail care. It is one of the reasons why we are very different from your normal salon experience.

Since we launched back in 2016, we have assisted hundreds of women who had this crazy conception that you could not grow your own nails. The belief was that you needed acrylic enhancements to have long nails. Fortunately this is as much a fallacy as your nails needing to breathe.

Our team are all fully qualified and experienced in all things nails and it is part of our dedication to our team and the industry that we love that  we continually invest in training and education to ensure your therapist has the correct knowledge.

With over 90% of our gel polish guests returning every two weeks for a fresh application, they understand the importance of gel nail after care.
There are always a few of you that need to sit on the naughty step though so we are dedicating this blog to you – The Gel Picker!

What happens when you pick off gel polish

You Nail Picking Rebel!

The joy you feel when you look down at your perfectly shaped and painted nails. The gels are shining and you cannot wait to show them off.

You listened to your nail tech when she advised you to book your next appointment in a fortnight, just so those bad boys will always look amazing.
You even said you would maintain your nails with Dadi’Oil everyday and wear gloves when needed.

But then, life happens, the daily ritual of applying your liquid gold goes out the window, you forget everything you learned about looking after your nails and slowly,
over the next 10 days, you normal nail growth has begun and the joy has faded.

As you have not meticulously oiled your nails, they begin to dry out, they chip, you catch them on something and they begin to lift.

And then it just happens. It wasn’t your fault. It was boredom. The nail was starting to peel anyway.
So you picked it off. Oh wait, this one is doing it too. And then you become the crazy gel picking demon and off they all come.

Then the comedown hits you, the embarrassment, the shame, the state of of those butchered nails!
Only a few weeks ago they were the talk of the town, now they look dry, battered, brittle and they feel weak!
How will you look your nail tech in the eye again.

Especially after everything she did for you and everything you promised.

You picked off your gel polish

But you only picked off your gels, you can get them redone and all will be alright with the world again, right?

Wrong. This is what happens when you pick off gel polish

You are not just removing the gel. you’re actually removing a layer of your nail with it! With the layer removed, your nails weaken, The damage is done. Sadly your nails do not repair themselves. The damage needs to grow out before your nails can strengthen again. The process can take up to 6 months. Six months of weak brittle nails. Half a year all because you had the urge to pick them off.

We have this conversation regularly, especially with guests who are new to gel nails. Please take heed. Please do not pick.

Did you know, that is one of the reasons we offer complimentary soaks off when you return to re-apply your gels?

This way we know what is going on with your nails and can best advise the solutions to longer, stronger gorgeous nails.

dont pick off your gels use dadioil

What are the signs that a gel manicure needs removing?

We use Gelish for all of our gel polishes, not only has it won gel brand of the year for the past 7 years, it is also more durable than any other brand in the world.
Durable, not indestructible.

Your nails also continue to grow and a gap begins to appear at the base of your nail. We recommend another visit to Queen B between 14 – 20 days. Any longer and you risk your nails splitting and chipping and the desire to pick appears again!

The best thing to do for your nails is to oil them everyday with Dadi’Oil This stops them from drying out and actually increases the duration of your gels while keeping them looking gorgeous and healthy too.

If they start to lift or chip and you are not ready to get them redone, we recommend you pop in for a nail repair or if it is close to the 2 week time frame, it really is time for another appointment!

But you heard of this amazing trick where you can glue the gel back to the nail and save it. Please do not do this, when there is moisture or bacteria has appeared underneath the gel and you glue it down, you trap the bacteria and cause an infection!

So the moral of the story is…Do not pick your gels and make sure you oil them daily!

If your nails are in a bit of a state, we highly recommend adding an IBX Nail Strengthening Treatment to your appointment.

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