Your First Manicure

Your First Manicure

Your first manicure can be overwhelming, walking into a salon, meeting someone who will be holding your hands for the next hour.

What will you talk about? Why do I need a manicure?

Queen B Luxury Nail and Beauty Lounge is famous for our gel polish and natural nail care, not only because we carry over 500 different gel polish shades but also because the application and service that our award winning team provide is second to none.

During the current climate, stress levels are high, emotions are all over the place and this can have an effect on the way the body repairs itself.
You may notice your nails are splitting more and skin is not repairing as quickly as it should.
Maybe you have not looked after those nails as best as you should and perhaps the daily ritual of applying nail oil has gotten out of synch.

It might be months since your last manicure or you may never have had a manicure before, so those cuticles will need a lot of attention and nails may need a bit of recovery too and so we advise that your first manicure to be a spa manicure.
This is so we can hydrate the skin, treat cuticles and really bring those nails back to how they should be.

Hand Care is Essential

You use your hands all day and you are probably sanitising and washing them countless times throughout the day too. This leads to extreme dehydration.

You might even notice skin is looking dull and has lost its plumpness. Nails are splitting and feeling more rigid than normal – These are all signs of dehydration.

What Is A Spa Manicure?

Imagine a facial for hands, this is not just a luxury treat, this is an essential part of life.

Very different to the average manicure, the therapist will begin a consultation to understand how you look after your nails and overall hand maintenance, they will also give tips and then the fun part begins, discussing the shape you desire.

Your nails are then shaped using a brand new nail file and hands are soaked and cuticles are softened so we can tidy them the right way.
We do not use electric files or drills and we do not cut any live tissue.

During a gel treatment, cuticles are not soaked, so they become harder to push back and tidy and this can sometimes make the skin bleed and can sting, and we do not want that.
Booking a full manicure not only ensures cuticles can be tidied properly but the end result of the treatment looks tidier and more precise.

With nails shaped and cuticles tidied, your hands will be exfoliated using a salt scrub to remove the dead skin cells, this improves penetration of the hydrating butter that we use during the hand massage. Exfoliating also helps open hydration pathways to optimise the skin’s ability to attract and hold moisture.

Your hands are then washed to clear away the excess scrub and then massaged using hydrating butter.
The butter is formulated to release moisturising emollients every 2 hours.
You will notice your hands will actually change colour due to the increased blood circulation and skin hydration and they will look fresher and more plump.

Nails will then be painted with gel or lacquer or buffed to shine and then an application of Dadi’Oil will follow to nourish and hydrate your nails.

We recommend a monthly spa manicure to improve hand health and if you are a gel addict, a monthly spa manicure will enhance the endurance of your gel polish too.

Add paraffin wax to your treatment for increased hand hydration and blood circulation. What are the benefits of paraffin wax?

How do I look after my nails?

Sometimes a manicure is not enough, perhaps you are a nail biter or maybe you have recently removed your acrylic enhancements and want to enjoy your natural nails.
This is where the Nail Rehab program comes in.

During your visit, your therapist will perform a thorough consultation of your nails and gain an understanding of your nail goals.
Your nails will be shaped and tidied, hands will be soaked to soften your cuticles and an IBX strengthening treatment will be applied.
You will then be treated to our gorgeous paraffin dip and a hand massage to increase blood flow.
The treatment will be completed with an application of Dadi’Oil.

We advise you to keep your nails naked throughout the course for maximum benefit.

Hygiene and Safety

We take the safety of our guests and team very seriously and when you arrive, after washing your hands, you will notice the therapist will open a pouch containing a nail file, cuticle nippers, nail clippers, an orange wood stick and a buffer.
The disposable items are single use only and all metal tools will have been cleaned thoroughly before being placed in our medical grade autoclave to be sterilised.

The therapist will also have washed their hands before wearing a new face mask and a fresh pair of nitrile latex free gloves.

We are a Covid-Secure Salon and our hygiene protocols and the safety of both our guests and team are paramount.

As natural nail care specialists, we do not use any electric files or drills, nor do we perform or remove any acrylic enhancements.

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