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IBX Boost – Natural Nail Care


The perfect addition to natural nails

When Famous Names founder Linda Nordstrom created Dadi’Oil back in 2012 it took the nail industry by storm winning numerous awards and becoming certifed 95% organic.
It truly is a magical product that not only gives your nails amazing flexibility, it also helps to stop your nails from splitting and flaking.

2 years later, IBX was born and has continued to win awards every year.
Luxury salons all around the world are using IBX to repair damaged nails and bring your nails back to the way they should be.

Today, the spotlight on natural nail care is increasing and the damage inexperienced nail techs do to the natural nail is becoming evident.

When Queen B Luxury Nail Lounge launched in 2016 the focus was and still is strictly on natual nail care.
In our first year we recieved a huge number of calls asking if we did nail extensions, it became a bit of a running joke with the team but we used it to begin to understand the needs of these guests. Most did not know you could grow natural nails, nor did they understand the ingredients being used to create these acrylic treatments at really cheap prices.
We chose to educate rather than keep this information secret and in the past 2 years have treated countless ladies and shown them just how amazing natural nails can look, feel and grow.

It’s so much fun to watch the transformation happen and to show our guests that it is possible. We love to hear stories that their friends accuse them of having fake nails and how they shock their friends when they prove they all are natural.

How can I grow my nails?

Please don’t think there is a magical cure for nail growth, there is not. It really is patience, care and of course, daily use of Dadi’Oil and we also recommend a monthly treatment of IBX too – Weekly if your nails are in need of help!

But wait, it’s not over, they have done it again.
Yes, Famous Names have now launched IBX Boost!
It’s a brand new product that has been created to complement IBX.

It’s a natural overlay, a protective coating that works on natural nails to give added strength and longer lasting chip free shine for gel polish too.
In the 2 weeks since we have been playing with IBX Boost, we have seen some amazing results.

Check out our instagram for before and after pics and try the treatment for yourself to see just how great it is.

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